Dropship Digital Products

Dropshipping Digital Products A Definitive Guide

Even though digital products cannot be touched, held, or tasted, they are widely used.

Because of their widespread popularity and ease of distribution, many entrepreneurs have built entire businesses around them, or have launched digital product lines to complement the physical products they already have on the market.
The fact that they can be created once and then sold to a large number of customers makes them particularly appealing. As a result, they are ideal for artists, educators, freelancers, and other creatives who want to generate additional income while doing less work.

How to dropship digital products?

A digital product is an intangible asset or a piece of media that can be distributed online and sold repeatedly without the need to replenish inventory. These products are frequently in the form of downloadable or streamable files, such as MP3s and PDFs, among others.

Digital products have some distinct advantages that make them particularly appealing for commercialization:

There are no overhead costs because there is no need to maintain inventory or pay shipping fees.
Exceptional profit margins: Because there are no recurring costs for goods, you can keep the vast majority of your profits.
Orders are delivered immediately, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while orders are being fulfilled.
You can offer free products to help you build your email database, or you can charge a monthly fee for access to digital content that you provide to subscribers. Alternatively, you could sell licenses to your digital products. Numerous approaches can be taken to incorporate digital products into your company.
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You should be aware that digital products present several unique challenges, which are as follows:

Your competition comes in the form of free content. Customers will almost certainly be able to find cheaper alternatives to what you are selling if you sell digital goods. Successful businesses take into account the market that they are targeting, provide premium value with their products, and invest in the development of their respective brands.
You are at risk of being a victim of theft or piracy. It is critical to take preventative measures and employ the appropriate tools to protect your products.
There are some restrictions on how you can sell, including the following: According to Facebook and Instagram’s commerce policies, you must, for example, sell physical products through their respective sales channels.
These difficulties can be overcome if you use the appropriate tools to design your digital product company from the beginning.

5 apps for selling digital products

There are a variety of tools available to assist you in the creation of a digital product store.

  1. Digital Downloads – This Shopify app is a fantastic way to sell digital products to your customers online. After making a purchase, customers will be able to download the file immediately and will receive a link to their email.
  2. For digital product companies that require more advanced automation, such as expiring links or automatically generated license keys, Sendowl is a powerful tool to have on their tool belt.
  3. Single – If you are a musician who wants to sell your music, Single is the app for you. It helps to bridge the gap between digital and physical music sales by providing a seamless experience. Customers can also easily view clips from your product pages, which is a convenient feature.
    In comparison to Sendowl, FetchApp is a digital download delivery app with fewer features, but it does provide 5MB of storage space and the ability to attach multiple files to a single product.
  4. Sky Pilot – This app allows you to create a membership program that allows you to sell files and exclusive video streams to your customers. You can use it to create a membership program for your customers. Through their customer accounts, customers will then be able to access any files they have purchased in the previous step.
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    These digital product delivery systems are just a few of the options available through the Shopify platform. Numerous other Shopify apps can be used to power and protect your digital goods, including the following:
  6. Charge Rabbit – This app enables you to set up recurring billing for your customers and vendors. This is required when selling digital products as part of a subscription-based model. It can be used in conjunction with Sky Pilot, as previously mentioned, to enable subscriptions for digital streams or downloads of content.
  • This app provides all of the security features you’ll need for visual products such as stock photos, and it’s free.
  • This app protects your content from being stolen if the right-click is disabled. Locking images or text prevents them from being saved or copied by others without your consent.
  • It is possible to combine one or more of these apps, depending on your needs, to assist you in integrating digital products into Shopify and putting any of these digital product ideas into action.
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Dropshipping educational products, such as ebooks and courses, is a popular option.
Online courses provide a more convenient way to gain access to more detailed content. The preparation required for them is extensive, ranging from developing a presentation to filming and editing a video walkthrough. When creating courses, start with the outcomes of the learners: After completing the course,

Dropship educational products, such as ebooks and courses.


Using interactive exercises, quizzes, and information tests, you can help your students better understand the material and make your course more interesting for them. You might want to think about using ADDIE as a teaching method and incorporating it into your curriculum.

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If you have a large number of tutorials or blog posts on the subject matter that you want to teach, you can be competitive. Also, instead of trying to sell your product, sell the ability of the consumer to use the product after they have purchased it.

One option is to use your expertise to gain exposure for products, while another is to start from scratch and provide content to raise awareness and generate leads to sell paid digital products to customers.

Dropship allows you to use your digital assets.

Creatives can post digital assets that are licensable worldwide for use in their works, such as stock images, video recordings, and music, for others to use in their works.

Offering licenses to businesses and individuals allows you to charge a fee for the use of your photographs, videos, and audio. Some marketplaces can charge as much as a 50 percent commission on each sale in exchange for providing exposure. Sendowl can assist you in the creation of digital asset destination locations. Sendowl will provide unique license keys that will be generated automatically to power this type of organization, according to their specifications.

When creating assets, it is a good idea to think about them from the beginning. To make it easier for them to sell their goods, begin by asking them what assets they would like to use.
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Watermarks and other security features should also be used to protect digital items, especially if you are selling images via dropshipping.

Membership for exclusive digital items

You can bundle them together and make them available only through a subscription model to generate recurring income.

This is an excellent method of maintaining a growing library while also maintaining a small group of dedicated members. Paying for digital subscriptions may even be a viable way to generate revenue from your content marketing activities.

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Only subscribers have access to this content because it is protected behind a gate that only they can open using their customer accounts. Instead of downloading content, you can host your exclusive streamable content.

It is possible to create this type of business idea by utilizing ChargeRabbit to bill for periodic subscriptions and SkyPilot to distribute digitally using ChargeRabbit.

I dropship digital templates and tools.

Digital items can also take the form of intangible tools that enable professionals to complete tasks that are beyond their current skill set or that would otherwise take a long time to complete. Digital solutions should be made available to specific audiences to address their needs and pain points.

Listed below are just a few illustrations:

  • Product mockups are filed with the company.
  • Templates for resumes for job seekers
  • Enterprise Software is a term that refers to software that is used in a business setting.
  • Plugins for the Adobe After Effects Video Editor
  • Web designers can benefit from icons, fonts, and user experience kits.

If you currently have a freelance business, it may be worthwhile to look into how your skills and knowledge might be translated into digital products that provide passive income streams for your company.

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We sell any type of music or painting.

You’ve probably looked into ways to make money from your music or artistic endeavors. Many opportunities exist with digital downloads, which can be as simple as T-shirts and Prints or as complex as 3D animations.

A singer can also drop ship ringtones of their most popular songs, which they can sell to fans. A cartoonist’s artwork can be turned into phone wallpapers that can be purchased by the public or sold to businesses. You do not need to maintain an inventory to experiment with different formats and evaluate what works best for your audience.

Dropship expertise or services

It is because they are opposed to digital products that services tend to compliment them well. You can only accommodate a certain number of hours in your “inventory” when providing services.

Customers frequently receive digital products, as well as a variety of other services, as part of their “buy.” A logo is created by a graphic designer. A personal trainer may be able to provide a fitness schedule. You may also package certain services together with high-value digital items to attract more customers.

You may charge a fee for a consultation and provide your consumers with an Excel spreadsheet or custom report, after which you could sell them other products or services. As an alternative, you might provide a free download tool that will assist you in generating leads for your email lists, which is a standard strategy employed by many internet firms.

For example, you may want to consider outsourcing specific tasks that you perform as part of your service company that are easy but highly valued by your customers to produce additional revenue streams that require less time and effort on your part.

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Ideas for digital products that sell

Waiting for the ideal moment can be challenging, but by following a procedure, it is possible to come up with a fantastic company concept. When you are inspired by an idea, it is important to follow through with the process of brainstorming and validating the idea.


Begin by brainstorming general concepts, and then write them down. Be receptive to criticism. Bad ideas can lead to brilliant ideas and vice versa. If you are brainstorming, you mustn’t overthink your ideas.

If you’re looking for a spark, you’ll find one here if you look.

How well do you know your items and how well do you know how to educate your customers? You may be able to set up appointments to teach advanced knitting skills if you are selling knitting supplies.

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What can you do to assist your consumers in your field of expertise? If you want to keep clientele who dropship surfboards in shape, you could develop a fitness program for them.

Take a look at the ideals that have shaped your company. What are the connected themes that should be taken into consideration? If you dropship environmentally friendly apparel, you may develop a course to teach consumers how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

What are some strategies you may use to bring your customers’ communities together? If you dropship kitchen equipment, you could host a virtual wine tasting event to promote your business.

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Which is the best option for you? If your product photography talents are great, you may be able to teach others how to produce better product photography, as an illustration of your transferable skills.


Research is a fantastic approach to discovering new things to include on your wish list. You can identify consumer pain problems that are associated with your firm, its beliefs, or its products. These themes are also crucial since they present major prospects for the development of an educational product.

These are some excellent sites to get your work started in the right direction.

Facebook Groups are a great way to meet new people.

This is a forum for the industry. By participating in forums, you can learn more about the hobbies and interests of people in your sector.

The item is being reviewed. Compare the two evaluations to gain insight into how your items stack up against those of your competitors. These reviews could come from both product reviews and stand-alone reviews that have been published on blogs or other websites.

Commentaries and blog posts are both acceptable. Read the blog content that your target audience is likely to be reading, as well as the comments, to gain more ideas. If you sell auto parts, you should look at blogs that are linked to the vehicle you offer.

Customers can contact us via email. Before you leave, make sure to read any messages or emails that consumers have sent your way throughout time. When people write you with their views and worries, they are frequent consumers with a higher purpose, and they may be able to provide you with useful information.

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It is important to validate an idea before devoting too much attention to it. You don’t want to put too much time or money into an endeavor that doesn’t turn out to be a good investment.

Validating your idea can be accomplished in a variety of methods, including:

Keyword research is important. Make use of the keyword tool to find out how many people are looking for information on your topic. This will give you a general estimate of the size of each potential business opportunity.

Characteristics of Google Topics can be found by searching Google Trends. Look for subjects that are gaining in popularity. This implies that the number of opportunities will continue to increase.

Review requests should be made. Communicate with your clients via email or social media platforms. The use of a survey or poll is an excellent method of soliciting feedback from clients.

Iterate by making modest adjustments. Sometimes a more condensed version of a concept is preferable to a more expansive one. This provides you with the opportunity to validate the concept. Getting the idea out there as fast as possible will allow you to test and refine the concept as necessary.

No matter what business you work in, your clients will find your unique abilities and expertise to be extremely useful.