Dropship Companies With No Membership Fees

Free Dropshipping Suppliers with No Membership Fees

You’re most likely looking for information on this subject, and you’ve come across this post. Finding drop shipping companies that are dependable and trustworthy partners is an important aspect of this procedure.

If you do a Google search for dropshipping businesses, you will come up with thousands of results. Due to a large number of results, however, it can be tough to narrow down your search results. You may also come across dropshipping companies in your search results that require a one-time fee to become a member of their system.
Save yourself the bother and read this post to learn about the best free dropshipping services accessible.


Oberlo: Oberlo is a dropshipping application that has gained widespread popularity. It is utilized by a large number of dropshipping businesses to sell products from Aliexpress. These are the advantages of using Oberlo.

  • Product importation from Aliexpress into your online business is a straightforward process.
  • Aliexpress has millions of products, so no matter what product you are trying to sell, Aliexpress will most likely have it available for purchase.
  • Oberlo automates the majority of your order fulfillment process, allowing you to complete orders in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.
  • Oberlo is capable of syncing inventory data with it, allowing pricing and stock levels to be updated automatically.
  • You can make changes to any of the products that you import into your store, including the price, the description, the photos, and the titles.
  • All orders will be dispatched with tracking information so that you can keep track of their progress at all times.
  • It is possible to administer your store with many accounts. You will be able to hire more staff without having to share any accounts as a result of this.
  • It is simple to locate a supplier for a product that is already on the market.
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  • To assist you in getting started, Oberlo provides a free plan with sufficient functionality. If your business grows and you require more features, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

Spocket: Spocket is a platform that allows you to dropship products directly from Aliexpress. It is possible to connect with suppliers in these two countries with this


The following are the primary advantages of utilizing Spocket:

  • A Spocket supplier will sell products at a discount of 30-60 percent, which can result in a significant increase in profit margins for your company.
  • Spocket provides a diverse selection of products from a variety of industries.
  • Orders for samples can be placed.
  • It is simple to use, and it automates the majority of manual processes.
  • suppliers for Spocket are thoroughly vetted by the Spocket team to ensure that they only supply high-quality products to the company
  • Spocket offers a free marketing plan to assist you in making your first transaction. There are no membership fees and no further investments required for this program. Upgrade to higher-level plans as your company grows to receive additional benefits and features. There is a detailed evaluation of
  • Spocket is available online. You can take a look at it to find out more details.


SaleHoo is a robust dropshipping platform that can be used to sell products online. In addition to finding suppliers, it may be utilized to perform product research and take advantage of the dropshipping resources that have been developed.

When you utilize SaleHoo, you will be able to take advantage of the following advantages:

  • SaleHoo offers over 1000 drop ship vendors to choose from. SaleHoo provides a vast range of dependable drop ship vendors to choose from.
  • Numerous items from various industries can be found on the market.
  • The dashboard is easy to use and has a lot of functionality.
  • SaleHoo does not impose any minimum order requirements or application costs.
  • SaleHoo will provide you with complete access to its exclusive list of suppliers, products, and market research tools, among other things. You’ll also be the first to know about new features as soon as they’re made available.
  • so Headphones, earphones, and earbuds are all terms that are used interchangeably. Ideas for Dropshipping
  • SaleHoo is a well-known dropshipping business. You will be paid $67 per year for this platform, but it provides excellent customer service and educational resources.
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Alidropship is a service that allows you to dropship products on Aliexpress. Aliexpress is the company that owns and develops this product. Oberlo and Alidropship are two independent apps that can be used to dropship on Aliexpress, and they are not interchangeable. Unlike Alidropship, Oberlo works with Shopify, while the latter requires WooCommerce.

The following are some of the advantages of Alidropship:

  • Alidropship is a really simple platform to get started with. It operates in the same way as Oberlo, with automatic adjustments to prices and inventory levels.
  • Several filters are provided to help you to sort your products fast and efficiently.
  • Prices can be automated with the help of Alidropship, which gives you the ability to construct your markup algorithm. Your prices will be adjusted to reflect changes in the prices of raw materials from vendors.
  • A limited amount of things can be imported and then sold, so be selective in what you choose to import.
  • Any products that you import into your store will be accompanied by Aliexpress product evaluations. This will help you establish credibility with your customers and help them to trust you in return.
  • Alidropship provides a comprehensive set of integrated marketing solutions that will assist you in increasing your sales.
  • Support is accessible at no additional cost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There are no membership fees required on Aliexpress, but you will need to pay $89 for a plugin, which is available for purchase. There is a one-time charge for this service. There is one disadvantage to using Alidropship. If your WordPress store has not yet been created, you will be unable to use it.

Wholesale Central

Sparkle in Pink Children’s Accessories for more information. Dropshipping and Wholesale Distribution Center
It is possible to identify suppliers for dropshipping by using Wholesale Central. Even though this firm is neither an app nor a plugin, it is a directory that has a large number of suppliers from a variety of industries.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you want to market, you can go to the website and look for potential suppliers. When you choose a provider, you will be able to see the things that they have to offer. All of this is accomplished without the involvement of any middlemen. There are no fees associated with using the site.

These advantages are accessible to you when you work with Wholesale Central:

  • The site is completely free to use.
  • You have the option of working directly with suppliers.
  • Suppliers are thoroughly inspected before they are allowed to be listed on Wholesale Central. As a result, you can be confident that the providers featured on
  • Wholesale Central is of high quality, which allows you to relax.
  • It is not uncommon to come across fresh vendors to work with.
  • Inventory Source: Inventory Source is regarded as one of the greatest dropshipping firms in the business today. The organization has more than a million products from thousands of different vendors on its website. Inventory Source is a dropshipping automation program that can help you save time while also making it easier for you to sell your products on the internet.

Inventory Source:

Almost all eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, and Bigcommerce, can be linked with Inventory Source.

The following are the advantages of Inventory Source:

  • New subscribers are eligible for a complimentary service plan (no fees)
  • It provides a plethora of educational tools for first-time users.
  • Apps that automate tasks will reduce manual work.
  • Your website will be updated with all of the product information.
  • You’ll be able to contact customer service at any time of day or night.
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  • There is a free drop shipping plan available from Inventory Source, but it does not include access to the automated tool. When looking for products and deciding on a shipping method, you will need to contact suppliers.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale Corporation has been in business since 1999. Since 1999, this organization has been supplying high-quality products to dropshippers around the world. Among the many things offered by Sunrise Wholesale are fashion, electronic, and home decor items, as well as tools, toys, presents, and several other accessories.
The following are some of the advantages of Sunrise Wholesale:

  • Sunrise Wholesale can seamlessly interact with the most popular online retailing platforms.
  • There are no dues or fees to join.
  • You may upload products to your website, complete with photographs and descriptions.
  • When you connect your Sunrise Wholesale account to your eBay account, you will be able to list products from the product page.
  • You will be provided with a free 7-day trial to allow you to try out the products and other features.
    Sunrise Wholesale does have one disadvantage. If your customers return things that are not damaged, you will be charged a restocking fee of 20% of the item’s value. Sunrise Wholesale has a limited product selection of around 16,000 items over a wide range of categories, according to the company. It is possible that this will not be sufficient to meet all of your requirements.
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Dropship Junction

.Dropship Junction is an online trade platform that allows you to sell your products. Although they do not sell products, they were established to connect wholesalers and dropshippers so that they may conduct business together. Dropshippers can search through the products on the website and choose what they want to sell. Dropship Junction is a no-fee drop shipper, which means you will not be charged any membership fees.

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Retailers will also benefit from the following additional features:

There are no registration or membership costs associated with the platform.
Dropshippers have the potential to access millions of products at extremely low prices because of their relationship with manufacturers.
Dropship Junction is an app that enables you to import products into your store directly from your phone.
Inventory levels are automatically updated regularly.

Big Dropship:

Big Dropship allows business owners to concentrate on selling their items rather than having to worry about keeping track of inventory.

These advantages will be provided by Big Dropship.

Market research can be done to identify the finest prices on the market.
Product offerings will be provided by the most qualified providers.
Dropshipping will be simple and profitable shortly.
Sign up for Big Drop Ship and utilize the service without having to pay a membership fee.
A significant global dropshipping company, Chinabrands, is based in the Chinese capital of Beijing. This enables you to establish a dropshipping business with a minimal outlay of capital. Chinabrands provides a comprehensive dropshipping solution, which includes product procurement, product publishing, and automation, as well as shipping and fulfillment.

A total of over 500,000 products are available on ChinaBrands. Clothing, bags, and shoes, as well as jewelry, beauty items, and accessories, are examples of what is available. A new product is added to the company’s catalogs daily.


Chinabrands can be integrated with major sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other similar platforms, among others. Chinabrands has a network of over 5000 suppliers who have joined their organization. The ability to dropship any product you are interested in with no minimum order is provided by this method.

Chinabrands provides you with SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can import directly into your online store from their website. This will save you time while also increasing the visibility of your store in Google searches.

  • When you partner with Chinabrands, you will benefit from the following advantages:
  • Products are sourced from more than 5000 high-quality vendors.
  • More than 500,000 products are available in 170+ categories, totaling more than 500,000 products.
  • There is no requirement for a minimum order quantity.
  • Beautiful wholesale prices beginning at $0.3 per pound.
  • Chinabrands insists on stringent quality control and thoroughly inspects suppliers before allowing anyone to enter its distribution network.
  • The process of importing SEO-optimized product lists is completely free.
  • The fulfillment of all orders occurs automatically.
  • Chinabrands can be integrated into a total of 20 different platforms.

Albany Distributing

Albany Distributing can provide you with a wide range of consumer electronics and voice-converged communications products. Contact us today to learn more. The company was founded in 2004 and has experienced consistent sales growth over the last 14 years. They have been able to rapidly expand their distribution channels and have established themselves as a well-established company in the dropshipping and wholesale industries.

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They have several product lines, one of which is Plantronics, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of communication telephone headsets. A major player in the headset market, Albany Distributing is based in Albany, New York. Enterprise applications, as well as headset solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, are all available. You will not be required to pay any membership fees because Albany Distributing is a dropshipping company.

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The following are some of the advantages of dropshipping from Albany Distributing:

  • There is no inventory purchased upfront.
  • There are no drop shipping or handling fees to pay.
  • It’s simple to get your money back.
  • Shipping to any country in the world
  • There is no minimum order requirement.
  • Orders are processed and shipped the same day.
  • Dropshipping with complete anonymity
  • In terms of where you can sell your product, there are no restrictions.
  • Customer service that is second to none
  • Sign up for nothing.


Modalyst offers dropshipping services at no cost. It facilitates the connection of dropshipping entrepreneurs with high-quality suppliers based in Europe and the United States of America.

There are millions of products available to you to choose from across a variety of categories on Modalyst. MODALYST includes a one-click import feature that allows you to import products from Modalyst to your website with a single click.

  • Through the use of extensions that are already available on these platforms, Modalyst can be seamlessly integrated with Shopify or Bigcommerce.
  • These are just a few of the numerous advantages that Modalyst can provide:
  • Modalyst provides a completely free eCommerce plan to all new customers who sign up with the company.
  • You will be able to make changes to product prices and other variants before importing them onto your website for sale.
  • Modalyst has an automated inventory management system that sends out real-time alerts when products are out of stock or when their prices have changed, among other things.
  • Most of the time, delivery times are very short. Orders placed within the next 5-7 days will be delivered in an average of 5-7 days, depending on the shipping method selected.
  • Modalyst will make its educational resources available to the public through its Help Center and Modalyst blog.
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Also, a great option is Chinavasion, which is another dropshipping company that does not charge membership fees. A wide range of product categories is available, including electronics, accessories, and novelty items. Chinavasion is extremely concerned with product quality and conducts rigorous inspections of suppliers before allowing them to list their products on its marketplace. As a result of their confidence in the product’s quality, Chinavasion provides customers with a 12-month warranty.

Here’s what you get as a result of your partnership with Chinavasion.

Dropshipping is included in the price of registration, and there is no additional charge for registration.

There is no requirement for minimum order quantities.

Discounts will be applied to your orders as your order history grows.

The support system of international renown.

Customers will receive a 12-month warranty on the quality of each product you ship to them.


Dropshipping is a fantastic business model for the modern age of the Internet. It is especially advantageous for those who are unable to make a large initial financial commitment. We hope that this list of the Top 13+ Best Dropship Company with No Membership Fees will assist you in your search for the ideal dropshipping company and the launch of your dropshipping enterprise.

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Dropshipping is a fantastic strategy, particularly for new businesses as well as small and medium-sized enterprises with websites. You will certainly find one of these ten organizations’ websites that is ideal for you to begin with and that you will be pleased with their administrations and products.