Dropship Beast

Dropship Beast Review – Features, Updates, and Functions

Over 1,700 customers who are using the Dropship Beast chrome extension have rated the dropshipping tool 4 stars or higher, making Dropship Beast the highest-rated dropshipping tool on the market.

In this article, we will discuss the features, pricing, and drawbacks of Dropship Beast in order to help you decide whether or not to invest in this dropshipping tool on your own.
The Functions of the Dropshipping Tool Provided by the Dropship Beast
The Dropship Beast dropshipping tool offers a number of advantages, all of which contribute to the fact that it is currently the most popular option available to dropshippers.

1. User-Friendly

It is not necessary for you to have previous experience with dropshipping or technology in order to begin using Dropship Beast, which is possibly the most appealing feature of this particular dropshipping tool.
Users of this platform have access to something called a “Go Guide.”
This Go Guide provides new players in the dropshipping industry with tutorials on how to use Dropship Beast and also informs them about other dropshipping fundamentals in general.

If you already have a number of listings on your eBay shop but you want to start from scratch, Dropship Beast offers a tool that will delete all of your existing item listings at the same time. You can take advantage of this feature if you want to reset your shop to its original state.
In addition, it is not necessary for you to read lengthy and uninteresting texts in order to obtain directions.
There are videos that cover each individual component.

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2. Automatic Price Adjustments — An Overview of Dropshippin

The Dropship Beast dropshipping tool keeps an eye on your noted items and the information contained within them, such as the schedule of the items, any changes in the shipping information, or any changes in the cost of the items.
More than 85 percent of your items are upgraded on an hourly basis, and this provides you with a significant remedy for problems such as the item lacking stock, the cancellation of orders, or a loss in earnings due to a previously lower markup rate.

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This platform will move any of your item listings that have had changes made to the picture, title, or description of the items on the sourcing website to the out-of-stock list.
After that, such listings will call for your revisions in order to become active again.

3. The Management of Stock on eBay

The dropshipping tool provided by Dropship Beasts displays each of your eBay listings on a single page together.
Because of this, your efficiency will increase, and the amount of time spent adding, modifying, or removing listings will decrease because it will no longer be necessary to open a large number of tabs and change the information on a wide variety of pages.

4. Mentioning That It Was Facilitated

To add an item to your eBay shop from the website of your provider, you only need to click through the link twice.
The following are some of the functions that are helpful in listing things simply:

VeRo defence
Searching for words or expressions that are off limits
Mobile friendly listings
Listings are optimised for search engine results and images are hosted on HTTPS despite the absence of any active content. There are thirteen different free listing design templates from which to choose.
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5. Simple and Rapid Location Establishment

Your customers will be able to view the tracking number as soon as it is made available by your provider for the product(s) that they have purchased from you.
Second of all, when the product is ready to be shipped, Dropship Beast will send an automatic message to your customers notifying them of this fact.
There is a specific notification that is dispatched for each distinct scenario, such as “Item Delivered,” “Item Delivered To Next-door Neighbor,” or “Shipment Stopped working.”
Last but not least, the dropshipper is provided with notice regarding the returned item(s) when it comes to the process of item returns.
6. An extension for Chrome
The Dropship Beast dropshipping tool comes with a semi-automatic chrome extension that can perform a wide variety of tasks and has a lot of hidden features.

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Some of those are listed below:

The completion of orders with merely two clicks of the mouse.
On the provider’s purchasing page, the consumer’s shipping information is added in an automated fashion.
With just one click, you can compile all of your VAT billings.
7. Combining with other companies, including Zik Analytics
Zik Analytics is a powerful dropshipping tool that provides research on competitors and marketing, in addition to other functions. These functions can be accomplished with the assistance of Zik pro tools, eBay title contractor, and Zik funnel.
Zik Analytics is integrated into Dropship Beast in order to provide full-proof efficiency and premium functions.

The dropshipping tool known as Dropship Beast has actually formed partnerships with the following online marketplaces:

Shipperbay, owned and operated by the Bulgarian Dropship Academy Owl.
This platform also features a comprehensive directory of supported vendors, some of which include AliExpress, Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, House Depot, and Costway.

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Costs associated with the Dropship Beast
This dropshipping platform does not offer a single pricing strategy; rather, it gives you six different pricing strategies from which to choose based on the specifications of your business.
Each and every one of the strategies incorporates each and every one of the functions.
The number of permitted monitored listings and the amount of tracking information that can be uploaded is the primary distinction between all of these different strategies.

The following is a list of the common functions that are readily accessible in all of the strategies:

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extension for semi-automatic purchasing of chrome
Support in the form of a control board virtually
Order & Stock management
Listing that is mobile and search engine optimised
Editor for live listings
Two tiers of protection against fraud for the vendor Item finder and many other features…
The basic plan costs $30 per month and includes 250 kept track of listings in addition to 150 tracking details uploads.
This is added to the boost on top of the normal rate that the strategy operates at.
For a monthly fee of $40, you will receive 500 monitored listings in addition to 300 tracking details uploads.
There are also strategies available for $65 and $90.
The premium strategy costs $100 per month and grants you access to 2,000 listings that are tracked as well as 1,500 tracking information uploads.

Negative aspects of the Dropship Beast
The following is a list of the shortcomings of the Dropship Beast dropshipping tool:

This dropshipping platform has very reasonable pricing strategies, but in contrast to its competitors, such as Salefreaks and Yaballe, it does not provide any kind of free trial option for its customers.
A first-time customer using a dropshipping tool for the first time might be hesitant to purchase the software without first evaluating its capabilities.

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Only members of paid Amazon service plans are eligible for quality tracking assistance.
If you use a different dropshipping provider, it could take longer than twenty minutes to publish the tracking information for your package.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an easy-to-use dropshipping tool that can assist you with automated purchasing and straightforward listing, title, and description optimization, Dropship Beast is a comprehensive solution that can be combined with other tools such as Zik Analytics. Dropship Beast is a total plan if you are looking for a dropshipping tool that is simple to use.