China Sourcing Agent Companies

Companies that act as sourcing agents help you locate qualified suppliers for specific products imported. It can be difficult to find the right sourcing agent for China because there are no industry standards.

China sourcing agents companies are essential for ensuring seamless and efficient imports from China. Many of them offer comprehensive services, including quality control, production administration, and other related services.

This article will help you choose the right China sourcing agency companies to meet your needs. Continue reading to learn more.

List of the Best China Sourcing Agencies

1. NicheDropshipping

NicheDropshipping, a pioneering dropshipping and sourcing agency company, is based in China. For small and medium-sized businesses such as Shopify store owners, they source a variety of products from China.

The exceptional services of this China sourcing agent include product sourcing, inventory storage, branding package and private labeling. Order fulfillment is also available.

They can help you find the top Chinese manufacturers and enable you to dropship high quality products at the most affordable price.

Simply tell them what products you require and they’ll provide you with a quote in two days.

2. Imex Sourcing

Guangzhou, China is the home of Imex Sourcing. Imex liaisons is its parent company. Clients can use customized online portals to access the factories and products on the market with Imex. The entire process is easy and stress-free as you can track and control your Sourcing orders.

You also get better pricing and support from dedicated agents. Imex Sourcing agents offer comprehensive and thorough sourcing, quality inspection, maintenance and negotiation, product shipping and factory audits, as well as logistical and logistics support.

3. Foshan Sourcing

Foshan is the location of this company, as its name suggests. Their company has been involved in product sourcing for over ten years. They specialize in furniture, tiles and ceramics as well as doors and windows.

Foshan offers services such as sourcing products, storage and warehousing, post-sales facilities, quality control, shipping, and quality control. Foshan China Sourcing Agent takes approximately 48 hours to provide quotations to clients. Shipping is the most common method of delivery for most of the product sourced. This is the best source for bulk purchasing, wholesale, small and medium businesses.

4. Import Dojo

Manuel Becvar founded the import dojo. It is located in Kwai Chung. The company has supplied products to many famous retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Metro and Home Depot. This company offers product sourcing solutions for businesses in North America and Europe.

It is now connected to 2500 manufacturers in various industries. Clients can now source virtually any product they need. Import dojo also allows you to choose from different pricing options.

Other services offered by import dojo include product development, negotiation, quality control, and checks on feasibility. If you’re a seller looking for Chinese goods, it is the ideal agent to contact.

5. China2West

China2West is a deeply-rooted company that sourcing products from China. The company has detailed and comprehensive data about Chinese products, as well as information on its sourcing networks. This company’s employees have the ability to connect clients with a wide range of products on the market.

China2West offers a variety of services, including product design, development, quality control and on-the spot checks, product testing in laboratories, logistics network management management, certification, sourcing customer support, factory administration tooling, project management, and customer support. This company provides services to west-based businesses that require china-sourced goods.

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6. Jing Sourcing

Jing sourcing agent is located in Yiwu, China. The company employs 40 people to assist clients in finding product suppliers.

They aim to help small businesses grow by sourcing the right products and offering them competitive pricing.

Jing sourcing offers excellent solutions that protect clients from the risks of product imports. The sourcing service is completely free. Other services require a 5-10% commission.

Jing sourcing agents manage the negotiation of prices and resolve quality issues instantly.

Best China Sourcing Company (Free Start) -Jingsourcing

7. Meeno group

Meeno Group is headquartered in Yiwu (China). This sourcing agent offers complete product sourcing services from start to finish. Clients are informed about every aspect of the sourcing process, which allows them to make informed decisions.

8. LeelineSourcing

LeelineSourcing is a sourcing agent with 10 years of experience and expertise in China. The agent contacts the manufacturer to find the right company and then acts on the client’s request. The service fee is not charged until the client selects the supplier.

LeelineSourcing offers additional services, including Amazon FBA prep, price bargaining and quality inspection. We also offer free warehousing, shipping arrangements, export documentation arrangement, and free warehousing.

LeelineSourcing works well for small and medium-sized businesses and other ecommerce businesses such as Amazon Sellers, Shopify and eBay.

9. Sourcing Bro

The sourcing agent can be found in Shenzhen (China). It is a key player in international trade. A vast array of products are available to clients from different countries.

Sourcing Bro is a company with many years of experience that allows customers to find the best products and get them from China’s most important markets.

Sourcing Bro offers a variety of services, including warehousing and shipping from product Sourcing quality control.

The SourcingBro company provides solutions for small, medium, and large businesses and those involved in product creation.

10. Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing can help you find any product through its global contacts. China Sourcing was established in 2004. It has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.

It also has offices in the United Kingdom, Austria, South Africa and Vietnam.

It has been a trusted partner for customers around the world in sourcing products and services from China over many years.

Dragon Sourcing also offers additional services such as product and procurement source, design of samples, supply verification. Negotiations, quality checks, logistics administration, etc.

11. Lazpanda

Laz Panda is committed to finding the best suppliers at a reduced cost. They mitigate the risk associated with it. The company’s headquarters are in Shenzhen (China). This company’s founder has extensive knowledge and expertise in electronic markets, and the associated processes.

12. B2C Sourcing

If you’re looking for products in Ningbo or the surrounding area, B2C Sourcing can help. This team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in product development and sourcing.

They have served many top clients such as Disney, Amazon and Disney. B2c Sourcing focuses on small businesses and entrepreneurs selling on Amazon, eBay, or both.

13. Riwick

Riwick Sourcing has its main office in Longjiang, Foshan. They only deal with Chinese furniture for your home, office, or industrial needs. It is also known for its ceramic, sanitary, and decor products.

They will help you locate the product in China’s extensive furniture market if you provide the specifications, style and preferences.

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Riwick allows customers to have access to the factories, big-box stores, and large showrooms from which the products are sourced. This allows you to compare prices and receive the best quotations directly from suppliers.

Riwick offers other services, such as pick-up, quality inspections and billing.

14. Guided Imports

One of the most important sourcing agents for the country is guided imports. It offers comprehensive services and solutions in trade. Guided imports can help you with everything, from product development and import to e-commerce.

Customers can shop for products and manage their own orders through this company. This makes it possible to plan, finance and buy seamlessly without spending a lot.

The company provides additional services to help you access the benefits of overseas production.

Guided imports provides services such as product sourcing, development, custom broker and international banking facilities. They also act as product purchasing agents, who specialize in product quality management, delivery, sample consolidation and validation.

These services include product photography and FBA preparation. If you’re looking to start an ecommerce company, guided imports is the best option. They offer a one-stop solution to all your product sourcing problems.

17. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping, one of China’s most trusted dropshipping sourcing agents and fulfillment agents, is a reliable source for dropshipping. They live up to their slogan “You sell, we source and ship for your!”

Their platform is simple to use and extremely functional. You can use their Chrome extension to import products from other platforms. These services are also available:

  • Importing product reviews
  • Automatic order sync
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Automated invoicing and many other features

CJDropshipping has warehouses around the world, giving their customers an advantage for dropshipping.

They offer many shipping options, including one that CJDropshipping has created – the CJPacket.

It’s not just that.

CJDropshipping offers many Pro services for its users, such as:

  • Recommendations for winning products
  • Video and photo shooting
  • Dropshipping Training
  • 24/7 customer support, etc.

FAQs concerning Sourcing Agent

What is a Sourcing Agency?

Sourcing agents assist individuals, businesses, and companies in finding suppliers for products at affordable rates. Products are purchased wholesale and made available for customers.

This allows companies to reduce production costs. Good sourcing agents will be able to access established contacts that have been in business for years.

Companies that act as sourcing agents have a great business sense, work for the customer and strive to create a win-win scenario. They also demonstrate good coordination skills.

China Sourcing agents ensure you receive the best price for your product orders.

You can get discounts and deals through their connections with suppliers and manufacturers of product.

Agents can save the company money, but they also have the potential to prove valuable over the long-term.

What is the purpose of a sourcing agent in China?

These sourcing agents are needed by entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses looking to source goods from China.

This is necessary because clients and customers from other countries don’t know much about China and how to obtain the goods they want.

Chinese sourcing agents are here to help you. They handle all aspects of product Sourcing in China.

What is the Charge for China Sourcing Agents?

There are many factors that affect the charges or rates. Some agents charge fixed fees, while others are paid on a commission. There are also companies that provide products for no cost, such as NicheDropshipping.

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With the help of a Sourcing Agent, what types of products can you source from China?

China can source some of the most popular products in the world. Furniture, hardware, apparel, accessories, furniture, home goods, hardware, and garden products are all examples.

Visit these websites to find out more about the areas of expertise of these China Sourcing agency companies. Contact customer service for further information.

What are the services that a Chinese Sourcing Agency is capable of delivering?

Access to product manufacturers

In a country as large as China, it can be difficult to get in touch with a manufacturer. It can be difficult if you’re not a Chinese citizen but still need the products to run your business.

An agent for Chinese sourcing has established contacts with suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Production and management of products

China’s sourcing agents are well-versed in the production of products. You can trust them to manage and efficiently manage the production.

Chinese agents may visit the factory where the Goods were made to inspect the quality and manufacturing process.

These agents will communicate seamlessly with Chinese manufacturers and product producers because they speak the same language.

Quality checks

When purchasing products from China, quality is of paramount importance. Chinese sourcing agents can inspect the goods at the factory and make regular quality checks from the moment it is manufactured until delivery to the customer.

Each product is carefully checked and the company takes care of any issues.

Shipping of products

The Chinese sourcing agent will keep you informed about the status of the products once they are shipped. They will also use their vast network to find the best freight forwarder to ensure that the product arrives safely at the destination.

Chinese sourcing agents companies manage the delivery of products for customers. This allows you to choose the shipping schedule and route by which the product will be delivered, whether it is by sea, air or rail.

How do you find the best Chinese Sourcing Agent?

The entire process of Sourcing Products from China can be disastrous and costly if you don’t have the right Chinese sourcing agent. These are the top tips for finding the right Chinese supplier agent.

Get details about the agent

Each Chinese sourcing agency or company needs its own website. This is essential for e-commerce and online business. You can browse the website of the agent to see the services offered, the design and the company.

You can read the information on this website. Expertise is demonstrated by perfection in the quality of images, blogs, articles and design.

Talk to the agent

Contact the agent via their website to start a video conference chat. It is a great way to get to know the agent and feel confident that they will handle product sourcing.

Start with small orders

To test a Chinese sourcing agency, start with small orders to see if they are capable of delivering them on time and maintaining quality. You should check for professionalism, dedication, and regular updates about the status of products.


Once you have a list of top China sourcing agents companies, it is simple to source products and import them from China. You can reduce product costs and grow your business by having access to many products on Chinese markets.