Calvin Klein Dropshipping

Dropshipping Tips to Sell Calvin Klein Products Worldwide

About Calvin Klein, Inc.
The Calvin Klein brand is a lifestyle brand that embodies daring and forward-thinking ideals while preserving an alluring aesthetic. Through the use of thought-provoking imagery and eye-catching design, it is our mission to motivate and excite our customers.

Calvin Klein and a business partner named Barry Schwartz established our company back in 1968. We have established ourselves as a frontrunner in the fashion industry in the United States thanks to the originality and purity of our designs. In 2019, products manufactured by Calvin Klein were exported to more than 110 countries and accounted for $9 billion of retail sales around the world. Calvin Klein has over 11,500 employees worldwide. In 2003, PVH Corporation decided to buy us out.


PVH is one of the most well-liked companies in the fashion and lifestyle industries all over the world. We are proud to support fashion brands that drive positive change in the industry. Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, and Warner’s are some of the other brands that we carry in addition to the illustrious namesake labels of Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER. The marketing of a wide variety of goods makes use of these and other licenced and owned brands that are well-known on an international scale. PVH generates annual revenues of $9.9 billion and employs nearly 40,000 people in more than 40 countries around the world. This is the Power that We Have Together. That’s the strength of the PVH system.

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Your participation in the dropship fulfilment process is essential. Do you wish for it to be done automatically? There will be some aspects that are automated, such as the receipt for the purchase and the information regarding shipping.

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If you work with a number of different vendors, the order fulfilment process will require you to send copies of each order to each vendor via email. The location of the supplier’s warehouse, how much it will cost to ship the product to the customer, and how much inventory they have will determine which supplier is best. Various degrees of automation are possible for each of these processes.


Even though we covered frauds that occur on the dropshipping supplier’s end, it’s important to note that frauds can occur in other contexts as well. When operating an online store, it is possible to come across dropship orders placed by fraudulent customers.

It is simple to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent orders when the billing address and the shipping address do not match. Even the name on the mailbox at the same address can be different at times. These are possible indications of fraudulent activity involving credit cards.


Your dropshipping company’s success is directly proportional to how well you serve your customers. Because the drop shipping industry can be highly competitive, a company’s customer support system can make a significant difference in the success of the business.

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The following are the types of customer service that are the most common and widely utilised in the ecommerce industry:

Phone Support: If you want to connect directly with your customers in the quickest and most effective way possible, a phone customer service system is the way to go. It is simpler to find solutions to challenging situations, and it is the quickest way for customers to provide feedback. Google provides a number of tools, such as Google Voice, that enable users to set up a number that directs incoming phone calls to a number of their choosing. OpenPhone is a comparable option that was developed specifically for online retailers.

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Support Via Email Despite the fact that contacting customer service via telephone is still one of the most common ways to do so, you are most likely to receive assistance via email first. It is highly recommended that you establish domain emails for your website (for instance, Not only will this give the impression that your website is professionally designed, but it will also ingrain your brand in the minds of your target audience. Help Scout is capable of being used to provide support via email. If you are utilising Shopify, you also have access to the Gogias theme.

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Support via social media: Before contacting a company directly, customers frequently look to that company’s social media pages first. Customers have a greater chance of finding the responses they are looking for on social media because it is a forum that is open to everyone rather than on any other channel. A good social media customer service representative will engage with customers regardless of the quality of the feedback received from those customers, including negative feedback. This has the potential to increase the customer’s level of trust in the brand.

Help Available Via Live Chat As a component of their customer service and support infrastructure, numerous companies have incorporated live chats into their websites. This is gaining popularity due to the fact that it is more time efficient than making a phone call and less intimidating than asking questions in a public forum. You are not required to make an investment in this, but you can use direct messaging services on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, as well as social media messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. If you have a relatively modest-sized company, providing customer support via live chat may not be the most effective choice. Having a growing business, on the other hand, may make it worthwhile to investigate this option. Check out Gorgias if you want to integrate live chat into your Shopify store.