Fashion Dropshipping – BrandsGateway vs. BrandsDistribution vs. Griffati


According to industry experts, BrandsGateway is the fastest-growing online B2B luxury fashion marketplace in the world, and it is also the one that successfully unites wholesale suppliers, retail customers, and dropshippers from all over the world.

After launching its website in 2017, BrandsGateway has grown to become a platform for dropshipping and wholesale buyers in the luxury fashion market. However, although the company’s headquarters are in Estonia, it operates from some places throughout the world. They have four warehouses in Sweden, one in Germany, one in Italy, and one in the United States, as well as four offices in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and North Macedonia, among other places.
According to the company’s official website, the company’s objective is to give complete customer satisfaction while also assisting its customers in reaching their maximum commercial potential. In addition, BrandsGateway’s vision is to devote themselves to the advancement of online wholesale fashion and the improvement of the connection between B2B sellers and customers through technological innovation.

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GateHouse’s dropshipping program is divided into three primary programs, each of which has the following features and possibilities:

Pricing plans

There is no requirement for a minimum order quantity.
Automated order placement
Synchronization of inventory in real-time
Plugins for Shopify and WooCommerce
Access to CSV and XLS files (This page is updated every 4 hours.)
Currency Converter with a dedicated Account Manager
The option to have a dedicated account manager is one of the most significant things to highlight from the list of features above. The following services are provided by BrandsGateway’s account managers:

30-minute brainstorming sessions are scheduled.
Feedback from a professional on your web store
We can assist you with any BrandsGateway-related issue.
Communication using the channel of your choice: Using WhatsApp or a phone
When it comes to the pricing of the plans, BrandsGateway offers three different pricing options: Monthly Package, which costs €295 for a month (paid monthly), Startup Package, which costs €590 for three months (billed quarterly), and it is invoiced quarterly with a monthly fee of €197 (both billed quarterly). In addition, the Annual Package is €1,695 for a year and is invoiced annually (at a rate of €140 per month).

Delivery times and costs

BrandsGateway, a dropshipping and wholesale provider of designer apparel and accessories with warehouses in several nations across the world, guarantees that their products will be delivered quickly and securely to any area.
If you want to put it into figures, the organization offers shipping inside Europe in 3-5 business days and delivery to other nations across the world in 5-7 business days. BrandsGateway’s shipping prices start at €15, regardless of the size or weight of the shipment, and are available through FedEx, DHL, and USPS.

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Return policy

BrandsGateway adheres to European Trade Law, which mandates that traders accept a 14-day return policy for their products. They will issue a full refund if the things are returned within 14 days of the delivery date, regardless of whether the items are returned from within or outside the EU. In comparison to BrandsDistribution and Griffati, BrandsGateway’s return policy is a lot more flexible and convenient to work with.

Platforms integration

The BrandsGateway eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with Shopify and WooCommerce, allowing dropshippers to sell their products through online storefronts built on major eCommerce platforms. Dropshippers will benefit from the following features as a result of this integration:

Updates to inventory are made automatically.
The inventory is updated regularly to ensure that products are not sold when they are out of stock.

Profit margins that are desired
Dropshippers are given the ability to define and control the profit margins they choose for each category. BrandsGateway enables you to earn up to 250 percent commission on every order you place.

Order synchronization in real-time
Order syncing from Shopify or WooCommerce dropshipping stores to BrandsGateway is now possible in real-time.

Customers’ reviews

Because the plug-in is designed to convert all currencies, no matter which currency you choose, the prices will be instantly converted.

Straightforward category mappings
Product photos, descriptions, variations, SKUs, quantities, and tags can all be imported into Shopify with the help of a simple mapping between BrandsGateway’s categories and Shopify collection types.

Those who run a store on other platforms like as BigCommerce, Prestashop, Channeladvisor, and Magento, as well on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, Asos, and Shopstyle, can also benefit from the connection of a CSV/XLSX file that is updated every four hours, as provided by BrandsGateway. Aside from CSV connectivity, BrandsGateway also provides a rest API integration for websites that are custom-created.

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One major characteristic that distinguishes BrandsGateway from the other dropshipping and wholesale sellers of luxury apparel is the consistently favorable customer feedback received from its customers. On BrandsGateway’s Trustpilot page, the company has received a 4.6/5 rating, with 95 percent of the ratings being outstanding and only 1 percent being negative.

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The majority of BrandsGateway clients have praised the company for its exceptional customer care, professional dropshipping service, speedy shipment, high-quality products, and significant profit margins. BrandsGateway has received positive feedback from its customers, and we have collected some of those testimonials to highlight what consumers are pleased with.
“BrandsGateway is the top dropshipping provider on the European market, and it is the best in the world.” We operate with a large number of suppliers, and with them, everything is extremely smooth, including transactions, inventory mapping, importing products, and everything else besides. “The products are extremely well-titled, labeled, and furnished with extremely descriptive descriptions.”

“I am quite pleased with my transaction and how you respond to any questions I may have. The products are excellent, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. “BrandsGateway is the number one.”

“WOW!!! My first dropship order arrived in the mail a week ago, and my buyer was thrilled with the garment she chose. Shipping is quick, and the margins are fantastic.”

Types of brands and products

Located in the heart of New York City, BrandsGateway is a dropshipping supplier of premium fashion brands and items with a diverse range of products. They sell more than 90,000 premium items at wholesale costs, with reductions ranging from 10 percent to 90 percent off retail pricing.

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The products offered by BrandsGateway are linked with elegance, sophistication, and luxury. All of the items in the company’s portfolio are sourced from more than 70 luxury brands that are well-known and sought-after around the world. Starting with Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Armani, and Versace, BrandsGateway aspires to provide high-end clothes and accessories at affordable wholesale costs to customers all over the world.
Because it offers more than 90,000 products for purchase, BrandsGateway splits its merchandise into various categories. These include apparel and footwear; handbags and accessories; watches and jewelry; sunglasses and frames; and frames.

Affiliate program

It is intended for dropshippers who are interested in increasing their profits to participate in BrandsGateway’s affiliate program. The goal is to provide them with a second source of income that is dependent on referrals from others. As part of their affiliate program, BrandsGateway provides their affiliates with the opportunity to promote individuals to their dropshipping subscription service and earn commissions for as long as they remain to pay clients.

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BrandsDistribution is an online business-to-business platform for the sale of branded apparel and accessories. Retailers, online shops, chain stores, and huge online retailers can benefit from the services offered by BrandsDistribution, which was founded in 2006.

Following the company’s official website, the company’s objective is to bridge the gap between technology, fashion, and superior logistics and distribution.

Planned Pricing
In addition, BrandsDistribution offers three different pricing options for their dropshipping services. Droppyfile’s first pricing plan, which is called Droppyfile, is €69 per month. At first glance, this pricing plan appears to be a good deal, but when compared to BrandsGateway’s plan, this one has some significantly fewer features. It does not include features such as automatic synchronization with new arrivals, automatic forwarding of orders to the product supplier, technical support, and expert sales and promotion advice, among other things. The second Droppypro plan, which comes after this one, costs €99 per month in addition to the first. Finally, their Droppyplus plan, which costs €159 a month and includes more features and possibilities than the previous two plans, is the most expensive of the three. Also, see 20 Best Wholesale Boutique Clothing Dropship Suppliers for more information.

Delivery times and costs

While BrandsDistribution is based in Italy, its products are available for shipping all over the world. However, when compared to BrandsGateway, their delivery costs and times are determined by the location, weight, and size of the packages being shipped out. Mail delivery is only available for packages weighing up to 5kg, and while BrandsGateway delivers products within Europe in 3-5 business days, BrandsDistribution delivers them in 4-8 business days at a cost of between €4.90 and €14.90, depending on the size of the package. The standard shipping option is available for packages weighing up to and exceeding 5kg, and the costs range from €7.90 to €22. The delivery time is between 3-5 business days, while the Express shipping option has costs ranging from €6.90 to €32.90 and a delivery time of between 2-3 business days.

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BrandsDistribution only offers Standard and Express shipping options for customers in the United States and outside of the European Union. As a result, standard shipping costs range from €9.90 to €25, with delivery times ranging between 5 and 10 business days. Express delivery is available for a fee ranging from €19.90 to €48.90, with packages expected to arrive within 2-5 business days.

Return policy

BrandsDistribution accepts returns for up to 7 days after the order has been delivered to the customer. The following is the procedure to be followed when returning merchandise:

a.First, the customer must submit a request for the return’s acceptance via email.

In the following email, our customer service confirms receipt of the request and issues a returns code for the item in question.

3. The goods must be returned in their original packaging with a photocopy of the e-mail confirmation containing the appropriate returns acceptance code attached.

d. Our logistics department confirms that the package has been returned.

e. A confirmation email is sent to the customer stating that the goods received correspond to the returns request.

The customer’s name is added to the credit note or refund that has been issued.

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If the order is damaged or incomplete due to reasons within the company (for example, incorrect quantities shown as available on the website), a credit note will be issued to the customer as soon as possible.

The credit note is valid for two years from the date of creation of the note.

Customers’ reviews

In contrast to BrandsGateway, which includes an automated integration with Shopify and WooCommerce as part of the dropshipping packages, BrandsDistribution offers an app for importing their fashion catalog into Shopify stores, which costs $99 per month. They also provide integration with third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, and Prestashop.

Customers’ reviews

When it comes to customer satisfaction, BrandsDistribution has a much lower rating on Trustpilot than BrandsGateway, with a score of 2.6/5 based on 55 percent negative, poor, or average reviews. The majority of customers are dissatisfied with the level of customer service provided by the company. More specifically, many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s response to their emails, phone calls, and inquiries, as well as with the company’s high shipping costs and misplaced packages.

Several of the reviews were gathered to provide you with a better understanding of the issues that dropshippers commonly encounter when working with BrandsDistribution.

“Terrible company to deal with; there is no communication, no response to emails, no response to the chat feature, and they do not return phone calls.”

In my opinion, their turnkey solution is completely ridiculous, and they should be ashamed of themselves for offering such a service. Because all of the turnkey websites are hosted on the same server, the loading time is excruciatingly slow. They never responded to any of my requests, and the process took six weeks longer than they had originally estimated. The result was a sluggish website with bugs all over the place.”

“I had a very negative experience. You do not have a phone number to contact you at, and you do not respond to any of my emails. “I will not be ordering from BrandsDistribution in the future.”

Types of brands and products

When it comes to selling premium luxury designer brands that exude elegance and sophistication, BrandsGateway is the go-to source. BrandsDistribution, on the other hand, has a diverse portfolio of brands that includes casual and sportswear. Adidas, Nike, Timberland, New Balance, UGG, and many other well-known brands are represented in BrandsDistribution’s portfolio of merchandise.

Affiliate program

BrandsDistribution has also developed an affiliate program for the benefit of its drop shipping customers and partners. Affiliates can earn more money from anyone who purchases a dropshipping package through their affiliate link as a result of the program.

BrandsDistribution’s Affiliate Program is designed for a wide range of people who are interested in dropshipping, including entrepreneurs, YouTubers, marketing professionals, and others who want to make money online.

Pricing plans

Griffis, based in Italy, is a dropshipping and wholesale supplier with a catalog of more than 20,000 products from Italian and international manufacturers. Comparatively to BrandsGateway, which offers discounts of up to 90 percent off the retailer’s suggested retail price, Griffati offers discounts ranging from 50 to 80 percent off the suggested retail price.

The following are listed as their strengths on their official website: attentive customer service, shipping within and outside of Europe, a diverse selection of products and brands, as well as a user-friendly and intuitive web platform.

Delivery times and costs

Griffati’s pricing strategy is as follows: they charge 340€ as an activation fee for a dropshipping package, plus an additional 110€ per month for the service.

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Delivery times and costs

Comparatively speaking, Griffati only uses UPS and DHL Express for the shipping and delivery of their products, as opposed to BrandsGateway and BrandsDistribution. They also offer international shipping, with fees that vary widely depending on the location of the recipient. Their UPS shipping service is limited to a few European countries, and their delivery times range from 2 to 6 business days, depending on the destination. For the remaining countries in Europe and the rest of the continents, they use DHL to ship express packages, with rates ranging from €7 to approximately €600 depending on the area in which the location falls under and the weight of the package being shipped.

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Returns are accepted under certain conditions.

Griffis has the strictest return policy of any of the three drop shipping suppliers we looked at. The company specifically does not accept returns or exchanges of goods, except for products that have been mistakenly shipped or that are defective. As a result, if you attempt to return goods that do not fall into one of these two categories, your request for a return and refund will be denied. To finish off, Griffati’s return policy differs from EU regulations in that it lasts only 10 days instead of 14, and that it requires the buyer to obtain a written return authorization from Griffati before a return will be accepted and approved.

Platforms are being integrated.

The company Griffati provides integration services for Shopify, Prestashop, and WooCommerce, in addition to services for Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and Google Shopping.

Recommendations from customers

Griffis ranks third on Trustpilot, behind BrandsGateway, and before BrandsDistribution in terms of customer satisfaction, with a rating of 3.3/5. Approximately 50% of customers rate the company’s services as poor, with only 17% rating the services as excellent. Customers are primarily dissatisfied with the company’s return policy, as well as with the company’s high shipping costs and out-of-stock items.

Some of the negative feedback that dropshippers have left for Griffati can be found here: “I’ve had the experience twice where the item my customer purchased was sold out on their end, but not registered on my end.”

“I understand that they are unable to provide free returns, but they do not accept any returns at all unless the item is defective.”

Brands and products of various kinds

Griffis is similar to BrandsDistribution in that it offers a larger selection of brands and products for everyday wear. They indeed have some luxury premium brands in their portfolio; however, when compared to BrandsGateway, it is safe to assume that their target audience does not include luxury buyers. Levi’s, Gant, Desigual, Tommy Hilfiger, and the United States Polo Assn. are just a few of the brands that Griffati offers to their customers.

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Program for affiliates

Griffis does not offer an affiliate program for its dropshippers, in contrast to BrandsGateway and BrandsDistribution, which could be considered a disadvantage for dropshippers looking for a way to earn more money through their dropshipping business.

A few words on the subject

In the summary, BrandsGateway, BrandsDistribution, and Griffati are all dropshipping and wholesale suppliers that compete in the fashion market by selling clothing and accessories for both men and women. For those who are just getting started in this industry, the question is how do you determine which supplier is the best fit for your needs?

After conducting more in-depth analysis and comparison of their services and products, we can conclude that customer reviews are extremely important when selecting a supplier. An old saying goes, “Bad reputation is what people remember.” This is true in many cases. As a result, even though pricing plans may appear to be the most important and decisive factor for you at the outset, keep in mind that it is not wise to choose the supplier who offers the lowest prices because you will discover that other factors, such as the quality of their services, are far more important down the road. You can learn about the quality of a supplier’s services only after conducting extensive research and analyzing the experiences of other customers with that supplier.

A supplier who is consistently praised for its dropshipping and wholesale services, customer support, or fast and secure shipping is the one you should choose if you want your business to succeed and grow. That being said, keep an eye on the big picture and see which of these suppliers has received the most positive feedback so far for their overall services and customer support.