Blind Packing Slip

What is Blind Dropshipping and the Top Supplier List?

You can put yourself in the shoes of a customer who places a purchase online. Your box gets delivered to your front door, and when you open it, you find out that it was sent to you by a different firm than the one you ordered from. How do you think you would react?

You can also do a search for the information of the wholesaler to purchase the item straight from them at a reduced price. In either scenario, the risk lies with the seller.
What steps can you take to fix this issue? One option available to you is something that’s known as a “blind dropship.” In this post, we will discuss the blind dropship, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as some helpful hints and suggestions.

What is blind shipping?

When a shipper ships a product straight from a source without disclosing the identity of the provider, this type of shipment is referred to as “blind shipping.” On the bill, the information that will be displayed includes the shipper’s name, address, and phone number. The provider does not operate in this manner at all.

Before you can ship blind, you are required to pay both the standard shipping fee and an additional price for shipping blind.

It’s a smart move to use blind shipping. You could ask yourself this particular question.

If the packaging contains information about the supplier, customers are more likely to place their subsequent purchase with that particular vendor. The use of blind shipping can assist in avoiding this issue.
To accomplish this, you will need to set up blind shipping. Your shipper will be able to delete the previous information from the delivery and replace it with yours. It is recommended that tracking information be included with each and every shipment.

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What is a blind packing sheet?

A packing slip will provide a list of all of the items that are contained within a shipment. Typically, it is a document that notifies the shipper that it is okay to release inventory in order to make delivery of the shipment.

Orders placed with a blind shipper are required to use a blind packing slip. It does not include any information from either the manufacturer or the person who customised it.

You can ask your distributor or shipper about this possibility if they provide the service. Even if you have previously paid for blind shipment, you will still have the option to effortlessly personalise your packing slip.

You have the ability to personalise your own packing slip with any information or design that you choose, including your company logo, a thank-you note, information regarding the order, and background information.

What is a blind ship?

Now we can move on to the more important question.

Blind drop shipping is when you present the products on your website as though they were purchased and shipped directly by you rather than by wholesalers, importers, or any other providers. This is done to give the impression that you are the only person who has access to the goods. When you use the term “blind shipping,” it refers to the practise of listing things on your website without providing any indication that you keep inventory in your own home.

When you place an order, you will pay the wholesaler for the product. When the order is delivered, the dropshipping company will ship the customer to your buyer in such a way that your buyer will believe the purchase came directly from you. This will give your buyer the impression that the order was placed directly with you.

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Because of this, the order will not contain the mailing address or the name of the provider who is fulfilling it. Your shipment will not be charged the wholesale pricing that is applied to purchases made from suppliers. Your customers are not going to be aware of your wholesale prices.

A blind drop ship is a strategy that can be utilised to protect against the loss of consumers. Customers who wish to acquire things may do so by contacting the manufacturer directly. On the other hand, this does not prevent the manufacturer or the supplier from getting in touch with you directly by using the information that you have provided. It is imperative that we have a double-blind dropship.

What is a double blind dropship?

The above-mentioned customer-only blind dropship will now be activated. They are unable to provide information regarding the origin of the product. The double-blind dropship operates in a unique manner. The suppliers, like everyone else, are operating in the dark and have no idea where the products will be sent.
You will be need to communicate directly with the shipper. A freight agent or a transportation firm could fit this description. If the agreement is not in place, the origin of the shipment as well as its final destination are unknown to anybody other than the shipper and the seller.

However, the actual cost lives up to its reputation. Due to the complexity of this procedure, it is only available to a select few companies who issue proxy orders.

What are the advantages of a blind dropship?

Companies that specialise in drop shipping can benefit greatly from utilising the blind drop shipment method. The following are the most frequently encountered benefits:

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Your company’s rights are safeguarded by the use of the blind drop ship method. Because you are providing your suppliers with this information, they will not be able to contact your clients, solicit future business from them, or otherwise attempt to poach these consumers.

Customers might feel more confident about their purchases when they are made directly from suppliers who stock their products. When you use the blind dropship method, your buyers won’t be able to tell the difference.
Customers want their orders to be fulfilled quickly and they want their experiences to reflect the opinions they have of the brand they have purchased. You have worked hard to earn their trust, and it is essential that you maintain it. In order to maintain consistency, brands are required to match customer requests.

This could result in increased shipping costs as well as extended delivery timeframes. Because you have no control over the manner in which your shipper modifies information on your items, the packaging may be susceptible to harm. There is no solution that will work.

Email is typically used as the method of communication when sending documents for blind shipment. This is done so that any errors that might occur during the procedure can be avoided and prevented. The most typical mistake is a bill of lading that is filled out incorrectly. This document, which is legally enforceable and provides assurance to all parties engaged in the delivery process.

Don’t be concerned! In the following part of this guide, I will show you how to circumvent these issues completely.

How do you start a blind dropship?

The procedure can be different for you if you’re using a different platform. The first step is really uncomplicated. Get in touch with your different vendors to determine whether or not they are able to carry out the task.

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After making a purchase, you are frequently offered the opportunity to communicate with the seller by sending them a note. Take advantage of this opportunity to get in touch with the seller and make a request.

It is requested that no marketing materials or an invoice be included with your order. We will not inspect the package before sending it out. Thank you .”

Your vendor will dispatch your item without any promotional materials, invoices, or discount codes attached to it.
If you want to take an additional precautionary measure, you can ask your provider personally and nicely if blind dropshipping is an option. Also, check to see that they are aware of what it is.

It is strongly suggested that you only collaborate with providers who have a score of between 2,000 and 2 million.

Using the assistance of a third-party shipping business is another option for completing a blind dropping ship transaction. If you are unable to come to an arrangement with your provider, you should look for another one or discover an alternative supply.

Next, you will need to supply the legal name or operating title of your business, in addition to the JPG and PNG file formats for the corporate logo. This information will be included on the packing slip that is unknown to the recipient. It is also beneficial to the branding of your company.

Blind drop ship is the right option for you?

Dropshippers: The answer is unequivocally and unequivocally yes. Because of this, the dealer won’t be able to sell to you directly. Your company’s continued existence is contingent on your customers purchasing the goods from you rather than the supplier.
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Maintain a healthy connection with your suppliers by having clear expectations, engaging in frequent communication, and maintaining a healthy relationship between the two of you. Recognize the importance of the cooperation of the provider, and inquire with them about the possibility of receiving assistance in adding promotional material.

Keep in mind that even if it could appear to be complicated, things should be kept as easy as possible. You have the ability to be resourceful in your hunt for a solution, and you also have the option of working with shippers and suppliers. After that, things can proceed in a smooth manner.

Shopify: Blind Drop Ship

Use your customer’s name, logo, and return address to send orders to your end consumer using Shopify standard and the extra software Order Printer. Blind drop shipping is an excellent way to ship for another trade partner (i.e.

To begin, you will need to obtain the name of your business partner’s company. You are free to use either the company’s legal name or the name under which it conducts business when filling out this section. The next step is to get the company logo in either the JPG or PNG file format. In the event that you already possess this knowledge, you are able to download the Order Printer App in the event that it has not been set up in your shop. In the Order Printer app, select the “Add template” option. You are welcome to make use of the existing packing slip as a reference, after which you may modify the template to include your company’s name and logo.
On the packing slip, the template that you use has to contain sections that are able to display the company logo in addition to the company name. You have the option of substituting the picture source with a URL to your client’s logo, in addition to the company name or any other text of your choosing. When creating the packing slip, the name of the trading partner should be used. When you are sending orders, keep an eye out for orders coming from drop shipping trading partners. Depending on how you handle things at the moment, orders will begin with “Drop Ship:.” Pick the model that corresponds to the partner you’re working with. It is imperative that you include your partner’s name on any packing slips that you print out for them.

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Can You Blind Dropship From AliExpress?

You’ll be able to provide your customers with blind shipping if you follow this simple piece of advice. There will be no need for any process changes, headaches caused by information technology, or additional costs. is a link to the Shopify help document that covers the subject in question.

We really hope that this article was helpful to you in some way. If we find similar approaches on other platforms, we will write a new article that explains how to make the most of them and create new opportunities for ourselves.

Is It Possible to Dropship Blindly From AliExpress?

It is possible to carry out blind drop shipping through AliExpress. We asked Curren and LIGE, two of the most well-known Chinese watch providers on the site, if they supported the model, and they said yes in response to both of our inquiries.

Before beginning a transaction with any AliExpress provider, we strongly recommend that you send them a message inquiring about this matter first. To get you started, here is a simple outline to follow:

“Hello! Do you allow dropshipping without including receipts, invoices, or promotional material in the shipments?” “Hello, do you allow dropshipping without including promotional material in the shipments?”

Please accept my thanks in advance!”

Adding a message to the AliExpress checkout page that says “I’m dropshipping” is another important step that needs to be taken. It is recommended that you remove from the shipments any invoices, QR codes, promotional materials, and the logo of your company. Please ship as soon as possible, as this will encourage repeat business. Please accept my sincere gratitude.

Shopify dropshipping solutions such as Oberlo and DSers come with functionality that enables you to automatically add this note to your store’s orders, so you can focus on running your business.

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The Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Blind Products

The following is a list of the eight most notable vendors online who offer support for blind dropshipping.


Because it is free to use, has millions of products available for purchase, and provides shipping to customers all over the world, AliExpress is the most popular Chinese dropshipping marketplace among beginners. There are many different product categories, including fashion, jewellery, toys, beauty and health, sports, technology, and home improvement.

There are currently more than 200,000 direct manufacturers and vendors available on If you send them a message, the majority of them will engage in blind dropshipping, as we mentioned earlier on in this section.


With over 5,900 product categories spanning 40 different industries, Alibaba is the most comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) wholesale marketplace in the world. All of the Chinese vendors who sell their wares on our website are required to go through the business verification and authentication processes in order to maintain our site’s high standards for authenticity and product quality.

As a result of the recent launch of the Alibaba Dropshipping Center, it is now possible for you to launch a genuine Alibaba dropshipping business without being required to meet a minimum order quantity (MOQ) (minimum order quantity).

You will need to inquire with particular Alibaba suppliers about whether or not they provide blind dropshipping, just like you would on AliExpress.


A Chinese e-commerce platform known as Banggood specialises in selling luxury goods to international customers. At this time, it sells over one million items in a variety of categories, such as clothing, mobile devices and accessories, consumer electronics, jewellery and watches, domestic appliances, and health care.

After being in business for more than ten years, it has a supplier network in more than one hundred Chinese regions, 37 or more warehouses outside of China, and strong ties with well-known shipping companies such as DHL, EMS, and UPS. Because of this, Banggood is able to maintain competitive prices on its wares while also offering speedy shipping to more than 200 countries around the world.

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By becoming a dropshipping partner with Bangood, you can receive a discount of between 5 and 20 percent on the majority of the items on their online marketplace. Every order is going to be dropshipped in a random fashion, and there won’t be any indication that it came from Banggood.

Similar to AliExpress and Alibaba, Banggood does not require users to pay to become members.


There’s also CJDropshipping to consider. CJ’s ability to assist you in sourcing any dropshipping products from China is perhaps its most distinctive feature. This capability applies not only to AliExpress but also to 1688 and Taobao.

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Because it has more than 200 warehouses in China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France, as well as many other Asian nations, CJ is able to deliver the majority of its products anywhere in the world within seven to twenty two days.

Before being dispatched, the products you have dropshipped will be subjected to a quality check as well as the packaging process. This ensures that the items are in good working order and that no information about Chinese dealers has been overlooked in the process of cleaning up the mess.

Additionally, CJDropshipping offers the following:

Branding services for customised dropshipping.

Printing documents on demand


Payable Upon Delivery (COD) (currently accessible in a few Asian countries).

photography of products that has won multiple awards.

You are not required to pay anything to get started selling items on the CJ website. Visit the CJDropshipping service rates page for further information on the costs associated with sourcing and storage.


As a result of EPROLO’s partnerships with thousands of different suppliers, the company was able to purchase more than 90 percent of AliExpress’s products at a significant discount. A good number of them can be purchased for prices that are even lower than those offered on AliExpress.

You should also read the user review and guide for Ecomhunt Masterclass.

The shipping times are the most impressive aspect of EPROLO, as they enable you to deliver customer goods to the United States and the United Kingdom in 5-8 days using Express Shipping methods and to Europe in 8-12 days using those same methods.

Free access to EPROLO can now be obtained. There is an additional charge of $99 per year in addition to any per-order customization fees for more advanced options. These options include custom labels, hangtags, packing bags, gift cards, and scotch tapes.


Wiio is the next incredible platform that will assist with blind dropshipping. It is able to engage with multiple Chinese suppliers in order to supply products at a low price as a result of having an experienced sourcing team.

When items arrive at Wiio’s warehouses, they are repackaged to ensure that there are no traces of third-party sellers other than your brand on the shipments. This is done to protect your brand’s reputation.

Another advantage of using Wiio is that it can assist you with product photography and videography, as well as custom card insertion and customised packaging. All of these services have the potential to set your company apart from the competition.

When it comes to costs, Wiio does not demand a recurring payment on a monthly basis.


Modalyst is one of the most comprehensive dropshipping directories available on the internet. It works with over a thousand different suppliers, some of which are private label manufacturers, others are independent businesses, and still others are AliExpress vendors.

Because Modalyst is also an official technology partner of Alibaba, you will have the ability to import any Alibaba dropshipping items into your store and fulfil orders for them with no required minimum order quantity.

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According to Modalyst’s fulfilment policy, all vendors are required to ship orders using blind shipping and deliver goods in unmarked packages when delivering customer orders.

The use of Modalyst is completely free, but there is a limit of 25 products that can be imported. The starting price for a paid plan is $35 per month.


The final one that we would like to talk about is print. It is the industry leader in print-on-demand services, enabling you to create and sell over 288 individualised products based on the artwork you upload. The primary product types include garments and accessories for both men and women, as well as drinkware, wall art, items for pets, and a variety of other home and living necessities.

Your dropshipping orders will be sent without any branding on the shipment cartons or anywhere else, as this is a guarantee offered by Printful.

The only costs you will incur when working with this provider are those associated with the cost of the products themselves as well as the shipping costs.

Printful is not the only print-on-demand platform that provides blind drop shipping; other platforms, including Printify, TeeLaunch, SPOD, CustomCat, Apliiq, and Gooten, are also options.


Dropshippers who are having trouble with inventory or branding issues will find that blind shipping is an appealing option to consider. Despite having a limited amount of resources, you will be able to expand your company and create a network of partners who are capable of cooperating if you take the appropriate approach.

This exemplifies the elegance and power that come from dropshipping and online retailing. Even if they’re located on different continents, people can still work together to maximise their profits.

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In order to improve your eCommerce skills, you should get started right away with a blind dropship. You are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas in the space provided below. I will make it a point to examine each one. Best wishes to you!