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13 Best Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

In Australia, dropshipping can be a very profitable business opportunity if it is done correctly. When it comes to running an online store, a dependable supplier is vital. Today, we’ll be talking about the best dropshipping firms in Australia, which will cover a wide range of different genres.

eCommerce sales in Australia are expected to grow from 7 percent in 2020 to more than 16 percent in 2020. Experts had predicted that eCommerce would continue to rise regardless of the outcome. The epidemic, on the other hand, supplied the necessary impetus.
Dropshippers all around the world has noted that Australia’s eCommerce boom has compelled them to pay closer attention to the country.

Get started today by identifying the best dropshipping firms in Australia for your eCommerce venture.

Top Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

Australia’s Most Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers
When you are outside of the United States, it might be challenging to find dependable dropshipping suppliers who are dependable and consistent in their order fulfillment and product quality standards. This does not rule out the possibility of running a profitable dropshipping business.

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Dropshipping companies and customers in Australia, on the other hand, will allow you to reach into previously undiscovered markets while still targeting countries with significant purchasing power.

Sup Dropshipping AU

Orders placed through Shopify are instantly linked with Sup Dropshipping. All you have to do is confirm your participation, and the rest will be handled by the Sup team.

Orders placed through Shopify may be linked, maintained, and shipped automatically. There will be no more copying and pasting.

Shopify will update the status of your order on its own accord. Customers can also track the progress of their orders online.

It is possible to administer multiple stores from a single location.

For your customers, global warehousing is offered in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and other nations.

Express lines and logistics are provided at a discounted price.

Sup Pro Service can help you improve your customer’s experience.

It is possible to tailor your brand and increase consumer loyalty using Sup Dropshipping. It will enable you to get more customers and so enhance your sales volume.

Sup Dropshipping provides brand packaging services that can assist you in the development of your company’s brand.

Sup packaging provides a diverse choice of packaging alternatives that may be customized with your company’s branding. We can assist you with repackaging your items to make them more appealing to your customers.

POD Services enables you to customize your products at a reasonable cost and with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ).
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We provide excellent photographic services to our clients.

Quality inspections before shipment were set up in a Shopify dropshipping store almost one by one, almost one by one.

Customers may keep track of the progress of their packages at any point in time.

Pre-order products should be distributed to global distribution locations. There will be no more stock shortages to worry about.


Dropshipzone is one of the most well-known and renowned suppliers of high-quality products in Australia.
Product reselling is made easy with Dropshipzone, which offers products in a variety of categories such as appliances, furniture, and home and garden. Among the many choices are electronic devices, health, and cosmetic products, as well as audio and video equipment.

As a result of their “Sofortig” application, Dropshipzone is the finest choice for Shopify online stores. You can choose from more than 10.000 SKUs and have them imported into your online store in minutes.

Dropshipzone has one disadvantage: you will require a company name as well as an Australian Business Number (ABN) (Australian Business Number).

You can utilize Dropshipzone for absolutely no cost if you meet the requirements outlined above. There are no membership fees or up-front expenditures associated with this service. Dropshipping and wholesale are other options, allowing them to work with virtually any business plan.

As opposed to Dropshipzone, Factory Fast is an Australian dropship provider that does not require an Australian Business Number (ABN).

On the Factory Fast website, you may find products in a variety of categories, including DIY, home renovation products, furniture, and outdoor products, as well as leisure and sports equipment.

We provide dropshipping services for your eCommerce business, as well as bulk and wholesale purchasing for your online retail store.

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Factory Fast is a low-cost online shopping mall that offers a variety of products. Manufacturers such as Factory Fast sell their products at factory pricing, allowing you, as a dropshipper, to earn significant profit margins.

Factory Fast

CJDropshipping provides dropshipping services from warehouses located all around the world, including Australia, to customers.

Although CJDropshipping is not an Australian dropshipping supplier, their global network and vast storage capacity make it simple to do business with them in Australia. Also available for purchase is merchandise from the company’s Australian warehouse.

With drop-shipping directly from the Australian warehouse, delivery times will be as quick as if you were working with a local provider.

Dropshipping with CJDropshipping enables you to dropship products in a variety of areas, including health and beauty, electronics and gadgets, and fashion and accessories. You can also sell clothing, accessories, phones, and toys through dropshipping

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It is possible to combine CJDropshipping with all eCommerce shop builders, including Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, ShipStation, and ShopEe.
CJDropshipping also provides point-of-sale (PoS) services, customized packaging, and custom labeling. Depending on your dropshipping business strategy, white labeling is an option.

OzDingo Marketplace is a virtual marketplace where you may buy and sell items.
The OzDingo Marketplace is the newest dropshipping wholesaler to open its doors in the country. Despite having only received 4.9 stars from the Trustpilot review site, this Australian family-owned business has emerged as a favorite among dropshippers and resellers alike.

Products that fit into categories such as pets and home, children and babies, technology, fashion, and sports can be found using OzDingo’s search function.

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Dropshippers who aren’t accustomed to wholesale services may find OzDingo’s wholesale service to be unsuitable. Those dropshippers who have a continuous stream of daily orders and who are confident in their ability to sell can take advantage of OzDingo’s wholesale pricing.

OzDingo Marketplace

Interested in becoming a dropshipper who specializes in high-end, name-brand merchandise? BrandsGateway is the appropriate location for you.

In addition to dropshipping and order delivery, BrandsGateway, a worldwide luxury fashion platform, now provides order management. By utilizing them as your supplier in Australia, you can dropship up to 90.000 brand products


BrandsGateway products allow you to select a high-profit margin and earn up to 250 percent profit on each sale you make. You can sell branded products such as Armani and Versace, Dolce & Gabbana or Moschino, Cavalli, Balmain, MSGM, and other well-known labels.

BrandsGateway can be connected to Shopify or WooCommerce to facilitate the integration of online stores. You can also import CSV/XLSX files from another store builder into your own.

Due to the high-priced commodities available on BrandsGateway, setting up a dropshipping store on Shopify can be a costly endeavor. The monthly package will cost 295 euros, and the three-month package will cost 590 euros.

One of the most affordable options is the yearly package, which comes with a 66 percent discount and costs only 1.188 EUR each year.


Have you ever fantasized about dropping shipping high-quality handmade rugs to customers around the world? This is your opportunity! If you are an Australian drop shipper who wants to establish your own dropshipping business, Alrug is the finest spot to start your journey.

Alrug provides a large assortment of authentic carpet designs to dropshippers all around the world. Modern, oriental, Pakistani, and tribal rugs are all available at Alrug in addition to Persian carpets.

Alrug, a dropshipping firm situated in the United States, is not available to customers in Australia at this time. They do, however, provide free international shipping as well as speedy delivery (within 4 to 6 business days) to their customers.

Because of Alrug’s high prices, dropshipping might be a difficult endeavor for some. If you want to sell carpets for $1000, you’ll need to have some marketing and sales experience first. Customers will also need to trust you for you to succeed.


Its headquarters are in Melbourne, Victoria. The Catch marketplace is an Australian-based dropshipping platform that provides a variety of income opportunities.

A screening exam must be passed before you can be accepted as a merchant on Catch. You will be required to provide proof that you are a Catch, registered seller.

You have the option of either selling your products on the Catch marketplace (as long as they meet the quality standards) or reselling products that are currently in stock. The catch will provide you the ability to sell your products in a manner comparable to that of an Amazon or eBay shop.

Once you have passed their screening procedure, Catch will provide you with a login to your store and a team of onboarding consultants.

Catch does not charge any fees for listing products on its website. They do, however, demand a $49.99 monthly subscription fee.
More than 80% of SaleHoo’s AliExpress merchants are authorized to ship abroad! SaleHoo has risen to become one of Australia’s leading dropshipping vendors.


SaleHoo’s AliExpress supplier list contains over 8000 suppliers who are trustworthy and verified to sell high-quality products. A free subscription to SaleHoo is not included with the SaleHoo membership. For eCommerce experts, there are three different models to choose from.

More than 8000 AliExpress vendors are available through the SaleHoo Directory. The SaleHoo Dropship service allows you to import high-profit items into your store for $27/month for their Basic plan or $97/month for their Premium plan, for a total cost of $127 per year or $127 for life.
SaleHoo Educate costs $47 for lifetime access to dropshipping classes; AliExpress Educate costs $47 for lifetime access to dropshipping classes.
AliExpress is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. Sellers or suppliers may choose to ship items to Australia based on their location and the distance between their locations. Others may charge a premium for this service.


Even though the majority of AliExpress vendors are from China, many of them ship globally. Take the time to speak with several merchants on AliExpress before dismissing the marketplace as a drop shipping destination.

Australian consumers of Printful Printful may ship to customers in Australia who are designers or creatives.

Personalization and localization are important to Australian clients, and Printful is a well-known print-on-demand business that recognizes this.

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Printful will enable you to provide your POD store clients with access to payment channels and prices that are expressed in Australian dollars (AUD) rather than United States dollars (USD). Customers will be less likely to abandon their shopping carts and to change their minds when they see the pricing shown in Australian dollars.

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Print is a dropshipping company based in Australia. They have, however, formed a cooperation with a printing plant in Brisbane as well as one in Victoria to provide printing services. Because of their relationship, they have been able to lower shipping times for Australian clients to Australia from 15 days to 2-5 days on average.


Australian dropshippers who are interested in developing their tea brand are advised to contact Bondi Beach Tea Co. for further information.

Bondi Beach Tea Co. distributes organic teas to end customers, as well as services such as private labeling and dropshipping to them.

If you don’t already have an online shop or website, Bondi Beach Tea Co. can assist you with creating an eye-catching website, logo, or branding for your business. This will aid you in your efforts to become a more successful seller.

Becoming a drop shipper for Bondi Beach Tea Co. is free of charge. Dropshipping, order fulfillment and the creation of a private brand for your firm are all additional services that will require additional fees.


As an experienced Australian drop shipper, you may have considered purchasing in bulk and storing your inventory in a warehouse. If this is the case, read on. This is where Alibaba enters the picture.
This is a service provided by the blog’s author, and it is ours.

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.
Alibaba is not a marketplace for dropshippers, as the name implies. However, if your company receives a stable and predictable quantity of orders per day, this method is ideal.

Although purchasing in bulk and storing products in a warehouse can be riskier than drop shipping, it can result in higher earnings and profit margins in the long run.

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However, although some vendors on Alibaba are willing to ship to Australia, others are not. Make certain to ask your Alibaba seller questions about the delivery time, shipping charges, product quality, and the option of order tracking, among other things.

Bella Boutique

Bella Boutique is a leading drop shipper supplier in Australia for people looking to sell genuine Swarovski-element jewelry. They ship worldwide.

A variety of jewelry products are available for purchase at Bella Boutique, including necklaces, bracelets, and rings, in addition to sets and accessories.

To begin, sign up to become a Bella Boutique drop shipper by clicking here. As a dropshipper, you may join Bella Boutique for free and benefit from competitive prices on your products.
Bella Boutique will ship the items to your consumers without including an invoice or using any of your company’s branding.

DearJane Medical

Dropshippers in the medical supply industry in Australia will find DearJane Medical to be a fantastic source.

Thank you for visiting DearJane Medical, an Australian dropshipping-friendly online store that sells all types of medical equipment and devices, including braces, crutches, walkers, nebulizers, and other medical goods and devices

You can apply to be a part of the DJM Dropshipping Program by completing a form on their website. Once your application has been approved, you will need to create an account and add some DJM products to your store.

Amazon, Trademe, and Etsy are just a few of the eCommerce websites that can be integrated with DearJane Medical’s platform.

Bulk Wholesale

Today’s Covid-ridden society places a greater focus on cleanliness and health than on previous generations. Many dropshippers have chosen to sell cleaning supplies and tools as their primary product.
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When it comes to hygiene and cleaning goods, Bulk Wholesale is a wonderful Australian provider to work with. You’ll discover disposable gloves, dispensers, cleaning supplies, and providers for the kitchen, hospitality, and other industries listed on this page.

It is entirely free to use Colorblocker, Australia’s leading dropshipping supplier. Color blocking is a fantastic resource for people who are just starting dropshipping.


Color-blocked is presently offering free shipping on all of its products to anywhere in Australia. At this time, they do not have international shipping alternatives. We are hopeful that this option will become available shortly.

If you have an eCommerce business or consumers in Australia, a color blocker can be a wonderful solution for dropshipping.

Kitchen appliances, tech gadgets, home décor items, as well as gifts and accessories are all available from Colourblocker.

A variety of platforms, including Shopify, eBay WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, as well as Catch, Amazon, and Neto can be used with Colourblocker to create custom themes.


It is as the name implies, a drop shipping company that sells over 100,000 products from a variety of different Chinese producers. As a result, Chinabrands items are quite reasonably priced.

Chinabrands does not have a physical presence in Australia but instead operates a global fulfillment center with warehouses in several different countries. Dropshipping to consumers in Australia is a simple process.

To supply Australia, you can utilize Chinabrands as a supplier.

Daring Diva

Those who run drop shipping businesses in Australia that sells plus-size clothing will find Daring Diva to be the right source. Dropshipping is permitted at Daring Diva provided you are an established business with the appropriate licenses and permits.

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Dropshipping is not available to people who are not business entities. You can, however, have a look at their Brand Ambassador model.

Clothing, shoes, and handbags can all be dropped shipped through Daring Diva’s website.
Dasch Design is a company that specializes in graphic design.
Dasch Design, a well-known Australian dropshipping supplier, specializes in all things relating to the house and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Dasch Design provides two approaches to assist you in making money with eCommerce: dropshipping and wholesale distribution (bulk).

Dropshipping gives you complete control over your retail price, profit margin, and all other aspects of your business.

The fact that Dasch Design does not require any initial capital to get started is its most valuable advantage. They will also provide you with packaging and shipping insurance.

Dasch Design

You’ve almost certainly seen the ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable UGG boots from Australia. Consider the possibility of being able to sell authentic Australian UGGs and make a living doing so! We’re here to tell you that you absolutely can.
It is necessary to register on the international website of UGG Australia and to send them the URL of your online store or social media accounts where you intend to market their items before you may drop ship their products.

After you have completed this step, you will receive a discount code for 20% off that has been developed specifically for you. Any difference between what you paid and what you received will be retained if you use this code on every order. Increase your earnings by selling more!

The original Australian UGGs are available for free international shipping and are backed by a 12-month warranty. You can sell the pair and then place a discount order with the buyer’s credit card. Their drop-shipping service will deliver the UGGs directly to the customer’s address.

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Australian UGG Original

This section is for dropshippers who are interested in making children happy through the selling of toys, presents, arts and crafts, and other related items on their websites.

As an Eleganter dropshipper based in Australia, you’ll have the ability to sell a wide range of products.
It is necessary to apply to dropship with Eleganter, and it must be approved. You will be required to complete a form.

If your application to dropship on Eleganter Australia is granted, you will not be charged any upfront fees. There are no dues to pay as a member. They will handle all of the order fulfillment, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Eleganter Australia

Drop shirt is the final item on our list of recommendations. Drop shirt offers a wide selection of T-shirts in several colors and styles that can be customized and then supplied directly to your online storefront.

Drop shirt is an Australian firm with its headquarters in Melbourne. In terms of shipment times and client loyalty, they have a significant advantage over their competitors. There are two printing stations, the first of which is in Melbourne and the second of which is in Brisbane.

Drop shirt is compatible with several different eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Big Cartel.

Drop shirt isn’t your standard point-of-purchase startup. Drop shirt deals largely with wholesalers and other retailers. You will need to complete certain requirements to get your account approved.

Drop shirt

Although you do not need to create an account to use their service, you may still take advantage of it for free. Your orders, on the other hand, will be subject to wholesale pricing.

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Dropshipping Stores Australia

Drop shippers are primarily based in China and the United States at present. As a result, delivery delays to Australia may be longer than normal. When you drop ship directly from your home nation, shipping times will be significantly shorter. Dropshipping is something that your customers may or may not be aware of.

It is important to understand that dropshipping needs you to be mindful that delivery times may be lengthier if your supplier is located outside of Australia. If you don’t know how long it will take for your things to arrive, you should look for a drop shipper in your neighborhood who can speed the shipping process.

The ability to interact effectively with suppliers who are not based in Australia may be tough. It is worthwhile to conduct a few tests to choose drop shippers who are capable of providing the greatest communication.


If you are seeking high-quality suppliers in Australia, the companies listed above should be able to provide you with some assistance. The following is a partial list of Australian suppliers for practically all industries that we attempted to compile, but it is by no means comprehensive. We add new providers to the list regularly as we come across them. In addition, you can list your favorite dropshipping providers in Australia, and we will make certain that they meet the requirements.