Best Private Label Dropshipping Suppliers

It can be difficult to find the best dropshipping supplier for private labels. There are many choices, so it can be difficult to distinguish the good from the poor.

We have done all the work and compiled the ultimate list private label dropshipping providers in 2021.

This article ranks suppliers according to a range of factors such as customer service, pricing and product selection.

Let’s not forget to mention the suppliers.

Let’s get started!

What is dropshipping private label?

Dropshipping is something you probably already know . So how does private label dropshipping differ ?

Let’s take a look at a common’regular dropshipping product to explain private label dropshipping.

Let’s now look at an example of a privately-labeled product by Tone It Up.

Is it possible to spot the difference?

It’s the exact same product, but Tone It Up private labels it with their logo.

Private labeling has two goals: to increase the perceived value of your product and to increase your profits.

Private labeling is a great way to make your online store a household name. Dropshipping stores have been successful in branding their stores, and they are some of the most popular ecommerce stores around the globe.

Blendjet is an example of a company that sells a portable blender.

You can also find this product on AliExpress (without branding), but it is still available from Blendjet due to its higher perceived value.

Private labeling means that you are the only person selling your product. Private labeling means that the product belongs to you.

This means that others cannot simply hop on AliExpress and copy your store to start selling your product.

How can you privatize your product?

How do you transform a “regular” dropshipping product into an exclusive-labeled product.

There is no set way to do it.

Here are some things you’ll find on private-labeled items:

  • A brand name
  • Logo on the product
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging custom (branded)
  • Invoicing for brands

If you are interested in private labeling , then please visit our beginner’s guide to learn how to get started.

For great inspiration, you can also check out these 14 examples of private label products.

You are likely excited to see the private label dropshipping vendors now. But before we get started, let’s briefly review the pros and cons for dropshipping private-labeled goods.

Dropshipping private-labeled goods has its pros

  • Your logo or brand name is included on the product. A product that does not include your logo or company name may be less valuable. You will likely need to adjust your pricing strategy to lower your selling price. Private labeled products are able to be sold at a higher cost.
  • No more imitations. Dropshipping allows everyone to copy your website and sell the exact same product. Dropshipping private label means that you will be the only person who can sell your product.
  • Increase the number of customers returning. Customers won’t be able to remember your name for several weeks after purchasing a dropshipping product that isn’t branded. Private labeling is a different story. Private labeling allows you to include your logo and company name on the product, which can positively impact customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing.

Dropshipping private-labeled goods has its cons

  • Regular dropshipping can be easier to begin. Private label dropshipping can be more challenging to start. Private label dropshipping requires a website with branding and product labels.
  • Private-labeled items are more expensive. Private-labeled products tend to be more expensive because they are slower to make and are made in smaller quantities. Items such as custom packaging and logos take longer to make and increase the manufacturing cost.
  • Most suppliers require a minimum order quantity. Dropshipping allows you to purchase products directly from the supplier. Private-labeled products are far more rare, so some suppliers require minimum order quantities in order to not have to make the product one by one.

Dropshipping from top private labels

Dropshipping private labels has many benefits, as you can see. However, before you jump in to it, remember to also consider the cons!

You will need to find a dropshipping supplier if you are still interested in starting a private-label dropshipping company.

We will be there to help you next.

This list contains the top dropshipping suppliers to general private labels.

We will provide the following services for each supplier:

  • Add a link to their site. To visit their website, you can either click on the title of the page or the screenshot.
  • Briefly introduce the supplier. You will learn more about the supplier and their unique characteristics.
  • Show the supplier’s private labels features. Some suppliers will offer the complete private label experience, which includes custom product labels, packaging and invoices. Others may offer only one or two.
  • These will help you to understand the pros and cons. This will allow you to make an informed decision about which supplier you should choose.
  • Let us know how you can connect this supplier with your store. We can help you to connect the products of the supplier with your store.
  • Let you know about their pricing plans So that you can plan for when you work with them.

Remember that we also have a list private label niche suppliers. Keep reading if interested!

Are you available now?

Let’s get started!

Be aware that a private label dropshipping company is more difficult than a regular dropshipping operation. Although it is possible, be aware of the potential cons.

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1. AliExpress

Let’s begin with a supplier that you are likely already familiar with AliExpress.

AliExpress is a well-known ecommerce marketplace and the location where dropshipping suppliers can offer their products.

AliExpress allows you to search for dropshipping suppliers from all over the world. They range from Chinese suppliers to US warehouse suppliers.

Some dropshipping suppliers to AliExpress even offer private label services!

Take, for example, the portable blender that I have shown you previously:

You can private label the product with your logo!

What private label features can AliExpress offer you?

Custom product logo/logo It depends on the supplier.
Branded packaging It depends on the supplier.
Branded invoice It depends on the supplier.


  • Low-priced products. Products listed on AliExpress tend to be quite affordable. Due to the competition on AliExpress, sellers are forced to lower their prices in order stay competitive.
  • There are many products to choose from. AliExpress has almost every dropshipping product you can think of.
  • Cashback Opportunity.


  • Delivery times can take quite a while. AliExpress packages can take a while to arrive. These tips will help you to manage shipping times and keep customers happy.
  • Untrue suppliers. AliExpress suppliers are notorious for lying.

How can you connect AliExpress with your store?

AliExpress can connect to your store via an app such as Oberlo, or one of its amazing alternatives.


AliExpress is free to use

2. Alibaba

Let’s move on to Alibaba, one of the largest ecommerce businesses in the world.

You are thinking: I thought suppliers on Alibaba were wholesale suppliers?

Although most are true, there’s a way to use Alibaba to start a private dropshipping company.

Alibaba is a great place for private-labeled goods at a low price.

Combining the strengths and capabilities of Alibaba with those of a dropshipping agency will allow you to ship this stock to your agent’s warehouse.

After you have received orders from your online shop, your dropshipping agent can ship the packages one at a time to your customers.

You won’t even have to physically deal with your stock!

What private label features can Alibaba offer?

Custom product logo/logo It depends on the supplier.
Branded packaging It depends on the supplier.
Branded invoice It depends on the supplier.


  • Low prices on products. Alibaba products are some of the most affordable you can find anywhere. Alibaba allows you to buy products directly from the source. This means that the product prices are the lowest.
  • Flexible suppliers. Don’t be afraid if a supplier asks for too much. Alibaba suppliers are open to negotiating with you in the hopes that you will buy from them again.


  • Shipping times can be long. Alibaba products can take a long time to ship, just like AliExpress.
  • Language and cultural barriers It can be difficult to communicate with suppliers on Alibaba because of language and cultural differences. Sometimes it takes a while before an agreement is reached.
  • There are many minimum order quantities. Alibaba has very few suppliers that sell individual products.

How can you connect Alibaba to your shop?

An app such as Syncee allows you to connect Alibaba with your store.


Alibaba is completely free to use. You will only need to pay shipping and product costs.

3. Wiio

Wiio, an all-in one dropshipping platform, does business in a different way.

Although they offer many products, what makes them stand out is their ability to source, buy, and stock products on your behalf. Wiio offers a 100% guarantee that Wiio will be cheaper than AliExpress.

Wiio’s services look very similar to dropshipping agencies.

Wiio also offers the following additional services to help you private label your business:

What private label features can Wiio offer you?

Custom product logo/logo Yes
Branded packaging If you are a high volume client, yes
Branded invoice Yes


  • All-in-one service. Wiio offers many more services than a dropshipping provider. It’s even possible to let Wiio create custom product photos for you!
  • AliExpress is 100% cheaper than Wiio. Wiio’s homepage guarantees that Wiio is cheaper than AliExpress.
  • Shipping times are quick. Wiio will find the most efficient shipping route to every country so that your customers receive their packages quickly.


  • Shipping costs are high on Wiio. The shipping costs for Wiio generally are higher than AliExpress. Wiio’s total product price can be more than AliExpress.
  • Not as attractive to low-volume clients. Wiio is more interesting when you find a winning product , and then become a high volume client. Wiio will allow you to access lower prices and more features by purchasing more products.

How can you connect Wiio with your store?

Wiio has apps for Shopify, and WooCommerce. These apps can be used for connecting Wiio to your shop.


Wiio does not charge a monthly fee, you only need to pay the shipping and product costs.

4. HyperSKU

HyperSKU, another company similar to Wiio, aims to provide dropshipping solutions that are one-stop.

What is a dropshipping agency? HyperSKU offers you basically the same services that a dropshipping agent. They will also:

  • Get your product from the factory
  • Quality control
  • Personalize your packaging
  • Your products can be stored in their fulfillment warehouse
  • Automated sync of your order fulfillment
  • You can ship your order using very fast shipping methods
  • Finally, refund services are offered

It looks amazing, right?

What private label features can HyperSKU offer you?

Custom product logo/label It depends on the product type.
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes, upon request


  • Automated. HyperSKU makes it easy to fulfill bulk orders! You can also sync your order statuses and tracking numbers to your store automatically.
  • Shipping is fast Fast shipping from China to the US and EU is possible in seven days.
  • There are no defects to worry about. HyperSKU will offer a full refund on defective products.
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  • may be more expensive than AliExpress. HyperSKU does not charge any monthly fees. They will need to make money in another way. HyperSKU normally charges a 2% handling charge, but this is waived at the time of writing.

How can HyperSKU be connected to your store?

HyperSKU can be connected to your Shopify store via HyperSKU’s Shopify app.


HyperSKU does not charge monthly fees.

HyperSKU used in the past to charge a handling fee of 2%. At the time of writing, however, HyperSKU no longer charges a 2% handling fee.

There is another thing. HyperSKU will add 10$ per store for every additional store you have, if you own more than ten.

5. SupplyMeDirect

SupplyMeDirect is the next dropshipping private label supplier.

SupplyMeDirect, an ecommerce marketplace, looks very similar to AliExpress from the first glance.

It is, however, a dropshipping private label supplier of beauty and fabric products, as you can see.

What private label features can SupplyMeDirect offer you?

Custom product logo/logo Yes
Branded packaging No
Branded invoice No


  • Connect with Shopify stores easily! SupplyMeDirect has a Shopify app which makes it easy to connect the supplier and your store.
  • Access to European, UK and US warehouses. SupplyMeDirect stores approximately 60% of its stock in the United States, UK or European warehouses. This means that shipping times are relatively quick.


  • Insufficient social proof. SupplyMeDirect’s Shopify app has currently only four reviews.
  • Their website doesn’t look professional. There are many typos and poor grammar.

How can SupplyMeDirect be connected to your store?

Connect your Shopify store with SupplyMeDirect by using their Shopify App.


SupplyMeDirect is available for you to use at no cost!

6. BigBuy

The next supplier is BigBuy. This supplier is a European dropshipping supplier and wholesale supplier.

BigBuy strives to be different from other suppliers and offers additional services such as the possibility of delivering packages to customers with your company name or logo.

Your customers will be able identify packages purchased through your ecommerce site.

What private label features can BigBuy offer you?

Custom product logo/logo No
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes


  • Attractive product pricing. Dropshipping with BigBuy is a great option for dropshipping.
  • A product catalog in 24 European languages. BigBuy offers a product catalogue that can be translated into 24 European languages and has 100% native translations.


  • Monthly fee. BigBuy requires that you pay a monthly fee. This is quite expensive. I’ll tell you more later!
  • Not dropshipping or private label focused. BigBuy’s wholesale department is a major part of their business.

How can you connect BigBuy with your store?

BigBuy’s dropshipping services allows you to connect BigBuy with your online store via platforms such as Shopify, Prestashop and Amazon.


Dropshipping with BigBuy will require the “Ecommerce Pack”, which costs EUR69 per month and a EUR90 registration fee.

BigBuy’s Marketplaces Pack will give you more features and integrations into their marketplaces. It costs EUR99 per month, plus a EUR90 registration fee.

7. DropCommerce

Are you looking for a US supplier that offers high-quality products and services? You might want to take a look at dropcommerce.

This directory includes 300+ suppliers. All of them are North American.

DropCommerce lets you offer branded invoicing, which allows you to partially private label your business.

DropCommerce offers which private label features?

Custom product logo/label No
Branded packaging No
Branded invoice Yes


  • Dropshipping suppliers from North America are only. DropCommerce is the only platform that allows you to find dropshipping suppliers from North America.
  • Shipping is fast DropCommerce ships all products from the USA or Canada in 3-5 days.


  • Not a complete private label solution. DropCommerce does not offer a brand-specific invoicing option.

How can DropCommerce be connected to your store?

DropCommerce’s Pro Plan will allow you to take advantage of automated fulfillment.

DropCommerce will not allow you to place orders.


You can see DropCommerce pricing plans below. DropCommerce’s Growth Plan is required to enable branded invoicing.

Dropshipping specialists for niches and private labels

Let’s move on to private label dropshipping providers that specialize in a specific niche.

They will often be able supply local products. They will also likely be able answer any questions you might have because they specialize in a specific niche.

Let’s have a look, now!

Tip If your goal is to create a niche store but you aren’t sure which niche to choose, then visit to see the best 25 niche ideas for your store.

1. Printful – (Print on Demand).

Printful. This is the name of the first niche private-label supplier!

Printful is a print-on-demand company. The private label supplier has warehouses all around the globe.

Printful offers the ability to print your product on-demand. You can also add your brand’s logo to the product. Printful also offers customized packaging slips that can be personalized to your product.

it’s branding service.

Printful is a great resource if brand identity design is not your forte.

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Printful will allow you to use its services without a monthly membership fee!

Printful offers which private label features?

Custom product logo/logo Yes
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes

How can you connect Printful with your store?

Printful can be connected to many ecommerce platforms. For more information, visit Printful’s integration page.

2. Dripshipper Coffee

You’ve now read it. Are you ready to set up a coffee shop in just one day?

In such cases, check out Dropshipper.

This supplier is for those who are looking to start a dropshipping business with a private label in the coffee niche.

Dripshipper can supply private-labeled coffee products with your logo and brand name. The coffee products are also roasted in the USA and shipped within three days.

Dripshipper also offers a 14 day money-back guarantee, and can provide training in sales and marketing.

Dripshipper also offers a simple pricing plan for $30 per month

It sounds great, right?

What private label features does Dripshipper offer you?

Custom product logo/logo Yes
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes

How can you connect Dripshipper with your store?

Dripshipper can be connected to a Shopify store via their app.

3. Dropified (Supplements, CBD, Skincare, Coffee & more)

Let’s move on to the next dropshipping private label supplier, Dropified.

Dropified allows you to create private labels for products such as CBD, Skin Care, Supplements, Coffee, and many other items.

Dropified sells consumable products made in the USA. You will get the best-quality ingredients and fast shipping!

Dropified has a wide range of products that you might be interested in .

Dropified’s con is its high price. The following image shows Dropified’s private pricing plans.

Dropified offers which private label features?

Custom product logo/label Yes
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes

How can Dropified be connected to your store?

Dropified integrates with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and many more.

More information about Dropified’s website can be found in the footer.

4. TeaSwan Tea (Tea).

You might be interested in selling tea if you don’t like coffee.

If that is the case, you might want to take a look at TeaSwan, a private label dropshipping provider.

TeaSwan, a B2B tea brand based in India, is growing rapidly. Dropshipping and private label programs are available for online stores that allow them to dropship tea products in private-labeled packages from any part of the world.

What private label features can TeaSwan offer you?

Custom product logo/label Yes
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes

How can you connect TeaSwan with your store?

TeaSwan cannot be linked directly to an online ecommerce store. TeaSwan must receive all orders via email in a specified format.

Dropshipping with TeaSwan is possible .

5. Art of (Print on Demand)

Art Of Where is an online Canadian private label print-on-demand supplier that has a fancy website.

All orders from Art of Where, a Canadian supplier, are printed, cut and sewn in Montreal, Canada.

Art of Where allows you to dropship products created by yourself with customized labels and packaging. There are no monthly fees.

Art of Where offers which private label features?

Custom product logo/logo Yes
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes

How can you connect Art of Where with your store?

Art of Where can be connected to popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce. Learn more about Art of Where integrations here.

6. Power Body (Fitness Nutrition)

Let’s take a look at another lucrative niche for dropshippers of private labels: fitness nutrition.

Power Body is a great place to start your own brand of fitness nutrition.

Power Body is both a wholesaler and retailer based in the UK. However, they also offer a dropship program for no cost.

You can see that they offer custom-branded packaging and labels.

What private label features can Power Body offer?

Custom product logo/logo Yes
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes

How can you connect Power Body with your store?

Power Body connects to your store via an API integration. You can learn more about it here.

7. AOP+ (Print on demand)

AOP+ can be used as a private label provider for print on demand.

This supplier is free to use, and you have access to fulfillment warehouses in the US, UK, and Europe.

You can read more about this supplier by visiting their Shopify listing.

What private label features can AOP+ offer you?

Custom product logo/logo Yes
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice Yes

How can you connect AOP+ with your store?

To connect AOP+ to your shop, you can download the Shopify app and Etsy apps from the supplier. You can become a Super member for $11.99/month or a Hero member for $19.99/month to get additional branding and label features.

8. BTS Wholesaler – (Beauty).

Let’s close this article with a dropshipping provider for private labels in the beauty industry.

BTS Wholesaler focuses on selling to customers in Europe and the US. You can resell their products using , a dropship program.

This will allow you to access benefits such as a product catalogue in five languages and branded packaging.

What private label features can BTS Wholesaler offer you?

Custom product logo/logo No
Branded packaging Yes
Branded invoice No

How can you connect BTS Wholesaler with your store?

Dropshipping with BTS Wholesaler will require you to manually process your orders.

How can you find dropshipping suppliers for private labels?

These two lists of dropshipping suppliers for private labels are not enough. You can also search for more suppliers!

Google is a great way to find dropshipping suppliers for private labels.

In your search bar, try typing the following:

Private label + product keyword + no minimum + country

The following are the results I get when I search for “private Label Yoga Mat No Minimum USA”:

Look at the first result.

There you have it!

We have just discovered a dropshipping provider for private labels with products manufactured in the USA.

Amazing, right?


We hope you found our list of dropshipping suppliers for private labels useful.

Private-labeled dropshipping items offer many advantages over regular dropshipping.

Private labeling, when done correctly, can significantly increase the perceived value of a product. Private labeling is also very powerful when it’s paired with a brand store.

Dropshipping is not dead, it’s still a viable business model in 2021.

Dropshipping can be a great way to identify a winning product first, and then use it to build a private-labeled company.

These will help you get more ideas on how a store can be privately-labeled or branded.

Dropshipping companies for private labels that we missed, or questions? Leave a comment below.

Good luck building your online store!