10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Cleaning Supplies Dropshippers

Are you seeking for dependable cleaning supplies dropshippers? This top ten dropshipping suppliers list might assist you in doing just that.

Throughout the day, cleaning materials are utilised in a variety of ways. We use cleaning goods to clean our hands, wash dishes, and do laundry.

Cleaning supplies are a lucrative dropshipping sector. These things are necessary, and there will always be a market for them. However, finding reliable dropshipping suppliers with whom you can collaborate is tough.

We’ve got the solution for you!

Let’s take a look at the top ten cleaning supply dropshippers.


China is home to NicheDropshipping, a well-known dropshipping company. It maintains warehouses in both the United States and China, and offers dropshipping services to both local and international dropshippers.

The order turnaround time is reduced as a result of the centralization of resources. Customers would not have to wait long to get their orders filled.

Cleaning products are easy to come by thanks to NicheDropshipping. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and link your store to theirs.

After you’ve completed the setup, you can either choose from any cleaning product on the platform or ask their agents for recommendations on specific brands. NicheDropshipping can fulfil large orders and so provide exceptional wholesale costs.

Orders can be completed the same day if the products ordered are in stock. Orders for out-of-stock items or those that require sourcing from suppliers’ warehouses are processed in 2-5 days. Your tracking information is synced to your store by NicheDropshipping.

This is just the iceberg’s tip. Other services offered by NicheDropshipping include private label dropshipping and white-label dropshipping. They also provide dropshipping and warehousing services.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is a company based in the United States of America. It has been in the supply industry for over 18 years. The company’s product catalogue contains more than 30,000 items separated into 20 different categories.

Sunrise Wholesale, as its name suggests, sells wholesale cleaning supplies to dropshippers. Depending on the pricing you choose for your products, you can have a big profit margin.

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This, together with the numerous cleaning product providers onboard, could be exactly what every dropshipper needs. It works with all of the major dropshipping platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, and BigCommerce.

Their monthly membership plan is $49, but it’s totally worth it. It has numerous advantages, including:

  • Stock alerts
  • Files for custom inventory
  • All times good member pricing
  • Support available 24/7 via multiple channels


In the United States, GreenDropShip operates three warehouses: Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, and Dallas Fort-Worth. Its main goal is to connect resellers with natural, environmentally friendly, and healthier products.

By offering cleaning products, this dropshipping firm may give you an advantage. GreenDropShip products are all made with natural materials and are devoid of the harsh chemicals found in detergents and soaps.

Laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and surface cleaning chemicals are among them. All goods are offered at wholesale prices. There are currently 20,000 vendors on the company’s roster.

GreenDropShip is compatible with e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

International Brands

Worldwide Brands has more than two decades of experience in the field of dropshipping. Worldwide Brands has vetted and certified all wholesalers whose cleaning products are featured on their site.

This is important because it will give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with reliable suppliers.

Worldwide Brands categorizes cleaning product suppliers into bulk wholesalers or light bulk wholesalers. The latter would be ideal for a small-scale dropshipper, while the former would suit a larger-scale dropshipping venture.

Worldwide Brands offers a variety of services, including supplier integration, product listing imports to your online store and inventory automation. The site can be tested for free before you upgrade to a paid plan.

Every week, new hygiene products are added to the site.


Most dropshippers and owners of e-commerce stores are familiar with Salehoo. There are over 8,000 suppliers profiles available for a range of products, including cleaning supplies. It can also be integrated with dropshipping websites.

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It is very easy to set up a Salehoo account and start selling cleaning products. Sign up for a Salehoo Account, connect it to Shopify and then import the products that you wish to sell. Premium memberships start at $27-$97.

Wholesale 2B

Wholesale 2B takes care of all the work for you. This platform aggregates all products from different suppliers into a single directory.

Afterwards, you can import your products from your online store. It would be unnecessary to visit each supplier individually to view their products.

After you have created your Wholesale 2B account, it is possible to review the products available and determine if they are suitable for your market. If they do, then you can set up a paid membership plan to import hygiene products.


Aliexpress provides a portal to Chinese suppliers of cleaning products, and other items. Prices are very affordable and are mainly based upon MOQs.

Aliexpress is a popular choice for drop shippers due to its established global shipping network and short delivery times. Once your Aliexpress account is set up, you can import your favorite cleaning products to your eCommerce store.

It is important to be careful about who you choose to work with. Dropshippers often fall for AliExpress scams, and end up having to refund clients for canceled orders.


Oberlo is a platform that allows you to find many cleaning products and seamlessly integrate them into your dropshipping shop. It features a user interface that is intuitive and compatible with Shopify.

Oberlo’s basic plan allows you to import cleaning products into your store free of charge. The Oberlo paid plans are also affordable and provide a wealth of resources to help you grow your dropshipping business.


Cleaning agent suppliers from all over the world are listed on Doba. All you have to do is create an account on the company’s website to gain access to thousands of products.

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Before exporting products to your ecommerce store, you can sort them on the site. This would be beneficial because it would make it easier for clients to find products within the hygiene categories they require.

After you’ve finished sorting, you can sell the items by importing them into your store.


ShipBob connects dropshippers with suppliers of cleaning products. This service allows you to connect with a variety of cleaning product suppliers, which in turn means that you can offer a variety to your customers.

The company has many fulfillment centers, which greatly reduces delivery times.

Tech solutions are available to make the customer experience more seamless. ShipBob will automatically pick the closest warehouse to fulfill your dropshipping order for cleaning supplies.

FAQs about Dropshippers of Cleaning Supplies

Dropshipping cleaning supplies is profitable?

Yes. It is worth looking for dropshipping suppliers that offer wholesale rates at affordable prices so you can make a healthy profit margin.

Dropshipping eco-friendly cleaning supplies is worth it?

Yes. Cleaning products with natural, eco-friendly ingredients are increasingly in demand as consumers seek healthier lifestyles. They could be top-sellers with some education.

What are white-label cleaning products?

White-label cleaning products are generic products that have been sourced from manufacturers but are branded with the seller’s brand, as though they were manufactured by you.

If your dropshipping shop is called “Hearth and Home”, the cleaning products could be labeled as “Hearth and Home Detergents”.

What are private-label cleaning products?

Private label cleaning products are made by a manufacturer and sold under a specific brand by the seller. These products, unlike white-labeling are not rebranded. They are specifically made for dropshipping.

Last Thoughts

It is possible to make a good profit by selling cleaning supplies. It is possible to create a niche and thrive with the variety of cleaning products you have available.

This list is a great place for you to begin your search for cleaner products suppliers.