Best Chrome Extensions For Dropshipping

24 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping

The first is DSers Dropshipping Product Importer (DSers).

It goes without saying that the very first and most important dropshipping Chrome extension on this list is DSers, which is an item importing and syncing tool.

In addition to Oberlo, DSers is a more powerful alternative to the latter, allowing you to quickly find and import any AliExpress items into your Shopify store with a single click, allowing you to start selling right away.

Aside from that, DSers provides you with a Shopify dropshipping app– one of the very best totally free Shopify apps available today. Once you’ve connected with your AliExpress account, it will assist you in managing and fulfilling all of your customers’ orders at the same time. Additionally, the tool tracks and synchronises shipping information in real time, allowing you to save both time and effort.

2. Alitools Shopping Assistant (Alitools Shopping Assistant)

With the Alitools Shopping Assistant, you can identify and avoid untrustworthy AliExpress sellers by rating them on a scale of 0 to 100 points. It makes use of a variety of signals, including seller dependability, active period, general consumer response, item quality, and shipping times.

Additionally, rate history and image evaluation checkers are additional tools that can be used to help you determine how trustworthy a seller is even further.

Extension for the Chrome browser created by CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping is one of the most effective dropshipping tools available for sourcing any AliExpress items in large quantities. The platform makes use of items that are inexpensive and have quick shipping times, allowing you to provide better service to your customers and generate higher revenues. Furthermore, by having the ability to include your logo design on plans, you can transform your shop into a high-quality dropshipping company with minimal effort.

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The CJDropshipping Chrome extension gives you the ability to quickly import CJ items into your shop as well as post sourcing requests for products that are not currently available on the platform.

Furthermore, with the help of the CJ Dropshipping app – one of the best Shopify apps available – you can fulfil your customers’ orders in a single click, just like DSers did.

4. Detection of Shopify applications

Have you ever wondered which Shopify apps are used by a particular store?

With Shopify App Detector, you can now quickly identify the best Shopify apps from the best dropshipping shops and install them on your own Shopify store to increase conversion rates.

5. Detection of Shopify themes

Shopify Style Detector, on the other hand, discovers the style on which a Shopify store has been built. All you have to do is click on the extension icon and wait a couple of seconds to see the results of your search.

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6. ShopScraper Product Scraper is a product scraper.

With ShopScraper, you can export all of the item information from a Shopify store to a CSV file for further processing. The extension also allows you to export specific collections or items by selecting them in the drop-down menu.

ShopMonitor’s New Product Notification feature is another useful feature.

It is a Chrome extension that allows dropshippers to receive updates on the current items that have been contributed to a Shopify store. With the help of this tool, you will be able to keep an eye on the very best dropshipping shops and see what they are selling.

Apart from that, ShopMonitor allows you to export items to CSV files and search for them on AliExpress in a matter of seconds.

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8. Eboost Advertisement Spy (Eboost Advertisement Spy)

The Facebook Advertisement Library is the primary advertisement tool created by Facebook itself, and it promotes marketing transparency by providing extensive information on all advertisements that are currently encountered on the social media platform.

Rather than having to go to the Facebook Advertisement Library and search for advertisements by hand, Eboost Advertisement Spy will find and allow you to quickly access the advertisements collection of any website. This saves you the time and effort of having to go to the Facebook Advertisement Library and search for advertisements by hand.

It is simple to make use of. It is possible that the extension has discovered advertisements on any website or eCommerce shop if the extension turns blue. After that, you can open them in the Facebook Advertisements Library by clicking on the icon on the right.

Eboost Advertisement Spy is also capable of working with Facebook pages. When you are on a Facebook page, you can click on the extension to see the advertisements that are associated with it.

It is a simple, but effective, tool for any dropshipper to use in order to quickly gather more information about their competitors

9. My Advertisement Finder is a search engine that allows you to find ads on the internet.

My Advertisement Finder is a useful Chrome extension that allows you to spy on the advertisements of your dropshipping competitors. Once it has been set up and activated, it will hide all of the natural Facebook posts and only display advertisements. Continue scrolling or refreshing your newsfeed to see more advertisements from a variety of different companies and products.

This is yet another fantastic little feature. I use My Advertisement Finder because it has the capability to tag advertisements and group them together into a list for viewing later on.

PowerAdSpy is the tenth most popular spyware programme.

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In addition to Facebook, PowerAdSpy has access to a large number of high-converting advertisements on Google, YouTube, Native Advertisements, and the Google Show Network, making it one of the most effective advertisement spy tools available.

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When you use the extension, you will be able to see extensive information on targeting nations, group ages, marital status, and the source of traffic for any advertising campaign you are running. It also provides you with a sophisticated search algorithm as well as effective advertisement filtering capabilities.

Koala Inspector (No. 11)

Koala Inspector is a multi-featured Chrome extension that allows you to track best sellers, apps, styles, and traffic for any Shopify dropshipping shop in one place.

12. Look for AliExpress products based on their images.

Products from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy can be discovered on AliExpress using images, thanks to the Browse AliExpress Products by Image feature.

All you have to do is visit one of the sites, best click on any item image, and then click “Browse on AliExpress.” This dropshipping Chrome extension will notify you if there is a product that is similar to yours.

AliSave AliExpress Image Downloader (version 13)

With AliSave, you will be able to download and save AliExpress product images with just a single click of your mouse.
When it is activated, it includes a small button that takes the user to AliExpress item pages. You can quickly click on it to select and download any item pictures that you desire from your computer.

14. AliExpress Review Downloader Made Simple

If an item receives only 5 evaluations, according to Spiegel Proving Ground, it can increase its sales by 270 percent when compared to an item that does not receive any evaluations.

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This simple dropshipping Chrome extension will assist you in downloading evaluations of an AliExpress item as a CSV file, which you can then use to sell the item on your website. Then you can incorporate it into your store to build client confidence and increase sales.

Ali Insider (number 15)

This is a service provided by the blog’s author, and it is ours.

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.
Ali Expert is yet another completely free, but extremely effective, Chrome extension for dropshipping.
This award-winning dropshipping item research study tool aids you research study and examine any AliExpress item, including its typical everyday profits, sales pattern, cost history, logistical issues (including logistics and providers), and providers (including logistics and providers).

You also have access to a list of competitors’ Shopify, Amazon, and eBay stores for any product you are interested in purchasing.

Asify (no. 16)

Asify is a complimentary dropshipping item research study tool that adds a slew of extra features to your AliExpress product page. It is available in English and Spanish.

It is similar to Ali Expert in that it provides information on item sales activities, sales data, item providers, and competitor tracking.

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Additionally, you have access to cutting-edge tools such as an image downloader, advanced item search, item tracking, earnings calculator, order tracking, and assessment history, among others.

If you’re dropshipping from AliExpress, Asify is a Chrome extension that should be in your toolbox at all times.

17. AMZScout PRO (Amazon Marketplace Scouting Pro)

AMZScout Pro is a Chrome extension that is essential for dropshippers who want to research and study items on Amazon.
It enables you to discover successful Amazon products, reveal the most effective dropshipping specific niches, discover unsaturated opportunities, and obtain extensive information on product trends, sales evaluation, and market analysis, amongst other functions.

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SaleSource is the next company on our list.

In addition to providing you with insights into your Shopify dropshipping competitors, this Chrome extension gives you the ability to discover winning dropshipping products and locate leading providers.

Dropship Beast is number 19 on the list.

In order to assist eBay dropshippers in fulfilling client orders in a matter of seconds, the Dropship Monster Chrome extension has been developed. A useful feature is that it allows you to collect items while browsing provider websites, which is extremely convenient.

SEO Minion (number 20)

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to strategies that aim to increase natural search traffic to a website by optimising its content for online search engines.

When compared to traditional marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) is considered to be a more affordable and more satisfying method of obtaining long-term direct exposure. According to a research study, SEO results can be clicked on 8.5 times more frequently than paid search engine results, according to the scientists who conducted it.

SEO Minion is a Chrome extension that is required if you want to optimise your dropshipping shop for search engine optimization.

In a matter of minutes, the tool can assist you in examining numerous SEO aspects such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Monitoring, and other factors. Additionally, you can make use of the SERP Sneak peek function to see how your shop page will appear on search engine results pages before publishing it.

Keyword Everywhere (number 21)

Keywords All Over is a Chrome extension that can help you optimise your dropshipping shop for search engine optimization.

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It’s a powerful tool that allows you to conduct keyword research studies and quickly identify popular and successful keywords and phrases.
Keywords All Over will display the regular monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC), and trending information for any search term entered into the system. Furthermore, it includes cutting-edge integrated features that assist you in discovering related keywords and revealing the most important pages of any website.