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9 Top Dropshipping Video Ads Service Companies and Softwares

Strategic and long-range planning
Giving your advertisement the most effective strategic objective can make your goods appear fantastic. Successful advertisements are only created based on trial and error, not with a large sum of money.

Improved Individualization

The ability to customize the product that you want to purchase. It will display your selection in a list and then inform your audience as to why your products have been selected: Why not take advantage of the fact that it is free, fast, handy, and simple?

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.


If you’ve ever heard that people buy due to their emotions, it’s true if you know how to take advantage of it. In addition, clients that contribute the brand’s resources and support infrastructure through sponsored postings or products, as proven through interaction channels of this nature, can be extremely beneficial. It allows businesses to maximize their return on investment while also minimizing the risk associated with restricted sales opportunities vs growth over value delivery strategies (or vice versa).

Providing After-Sale Service

You’d like to make some adjustments to your advertisement after you’ve received it. It is costless for you to participate. Simply inform us of your requirements, and we will be prepared to meet them.

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You can get five video advertisements for $150 (US dollars) and receive unlimited changes.

What is the process of putting together your video?

Our video editors will make clips that use free copyright music and high-quality stock videos from reputable sources. All we ask is that you make use of this site for your professional endeavors. Please feel free to provide us with any video clips that will help us create the video; if you don’t have a screenplay, we would be happy to generate one for you.

Everything is wonderful if you can make your money work for you.

Our Straightforward Procedure:

Step 1: Make a purchase order.

First and foremost, navigate to the pricing area at the bottom of the page and select your desired plan (Basic, Standard, or Premium), after which you can proceed to checkout.

Step 2: Completing the Survey Questionnaire

Next to the completion of your transaction, you will be presented with a questionnaire on the following page, in which we will ask you some questions about how you would like your personalized ad to be presented. You will also have the option to send us a bespoke message.

Step 3: We will begin working on your order immediately.

As soon as we have received your order details and questionnaire, we will begin working on your order right away. If we require any further information from you, we will contact you via the email address you have provided.

Step 4: Place an Order for Delivery

After we have completed your order, we will transmit it to you through email or any other appropriate method that you specify, such as Google Drive, within the timeframe you specify.

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You can earn money with us through affiliate marketing, which can establish a passive revenue stream for you and even pay you a 20 percent commission on each sale you make.

Dropshippers can sell their products in a short period thanks to attractive advertising from Launch Ads.

The concepts of science are applied to the creation of effective video advertisements that interest viewers and turn them into consumers.


Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.

Select the bundle that best suits your needs.

Please complete our questionnaire so that we can gain a better understanding of your requirements.

The movie and thumbnail will be sent to you through email following the package you selected and how you requested it.


When you cooperate with us, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A team of video editors with extensive experience
  • Scriptwriting staff with a lot of experience
  • There will be no more disapproved advertisements.
  • The first three seconds of the video are particularly captivating.
  • The thumbnail should draw the viewer’s attention.
  • Revisions are permitted indefinitely.
  • There is no need to hunt for independent contractors.
  • Say goodbye to guesswork and allow Launch Ads to develop a winning advertisement for you.

To receive a 10 percent discount, enter the following coupon code: DROPHS10 PLACE YOUR ORDER RIGHT NOW! DROPHS10


For your convenience, DSM is an e-commerce website that provides web design services such as advertisements, copies, Facebook manager, thumbnail images, and filming.

Starting quickly is made possible with DROPSHIPMEDIA!


Decide on the service provider that best meets your needs and requirements. Include any optional add-ons that you would like to use.

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When you make a purchase, you will be prompted to complete our questionnaire. During this process, you will be able to add any specifics that are required for your order.


You may track the status of your order and receive updates by email by logging into your account. When an order is closed down, there are no restrictions on changes.

What exactly is this procedure?

Select the number of videos you want to see.

Fill out our simple questionnaire with all your product specifics.

Finally, complete the order form, and you will be notified as soon as they have begun working on your request. Your order will be processed within 1-3 business days (or less if you ordered 12-24 hour delivery)

When they are in high demand, the distribution process can take up to three business days. They are closed on the most important weekend of the year in the United States.

What level of service do you provide?

It costs $55.00 for a single video with no other features. Based on the specs, our charges start at $115.00 and go up from there if you choose any additional options.

If you have a specific order that is not shown on the website, please contact us at, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you!

What is the estimated delivery time?

The shipment period varies depending on what you want; they can choose between 12-24 hour delivery to three-day delivery.

What is the quickest time you can provide a video to me?

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For an additional $35.00 per session, they will provide the recording within 12-24 hours.

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The videos produced in 12-24 hours do not lose consistency; instead, they do all possible to deliver the finest quality on time.

Do you write the scripts for the shows?

Yes! They can do everything for you, from inserting text to sourcing materials, creating an outro, obtaining royalty-free music, and influencing others. You essentially do nothing; you are under no obligation to accomplish anything!

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.

What Resources Do You Use to Find Content?

To construct the videos, our video editors employ YouTube photos, premium stock photographs, and clips that have been provided to us by our customers. They continue to create a unique film for each client, and they never swap anything that our customers provide us or reuse commercials that they have created themselves!

Is it possible for me to send in my product and have produce footage for me?

They are launching a new service called delivering your goods, which will include e-commerce videos that can be customized for each customer.

What are your return and refund policy?

Providing you contact them within 30 minutes of placing your transaction, they should be able to provide you a refund. The reason for the short return window is that our crew always begins editing meticulously to deliver 1-3 days’ worth of footage.

After an order has been placed, there are no refunds. We are unable to issue refunds for orders that have already been produced and dispatched to customers since, once they have begun manufacturing, there is no way for us to recoup our costs.

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Despite our tough regulations, they provide unlimited recommendations as long as the order is accessible and has not yet been completed; changes would incur a fee until the order has been completed unless our staff accepts the request in extraordinary circumstances. They genuinely care about whether or not our customers are satisfied with the outcome.


BandsOffAds is your one-stop-shop for high-quality, fast, and effective video advertisements for your dropshipping products.

Our video advertising service is designed specifically for dropshippers since it is simple to use, high-quality, and compelling. They have devoted and specialized team members for each duty assigned to them. We can maintain our rapid turnaround times and high-quality facilities because of this.

In total, I got three video advertisements from Bandsoffads, and I am extremely delighted with the video editing and video text. They are highly recommended from the very first purchase, and they produced very high-quality video.”

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect when you work with BandsOffAds!

Team of Video Editors with Specialized Skills

The technical team for scriptwriters

With every purchase, you will receive a complimentary advertisement copy.

Thumbnails that are free and optimized for conversion

What Is the Difference Between Them?

They have created commercials that have been shown to convert time and time again.

They deliver within 1-3 days to encourage you to begin exploring new products as soon as possible!

Consistency in providing a low price while simultaneously remaining competitive

Our partners make certain that you save both time and money when dealing with us.

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Select Your Video Advertisement

Select the video kit that best meets your needs and specs. Include any optional add-ons that you would like to use.

Fill out the Questionnaire

When you place an order, you will be prompted to complete our customer questionnaire. You will be able to offer some notes for our editors, as well as information on how you would like your film to look, in this section.

The video was sent to you via email.

Depending on the bundle you choose, you will receive your film, thumbnail, and ad copy via the email address you provided us with in the timeframe.

What is the purpose of BandsOffAds?

The most significant advantage of selecting us above any other video source is that our video has demonstrated outcomes time and time again! That implies you’re going to get a video that has a decent chance of being watched and converted!

It is vital to understand that your video editor creates videos that are well-known for their sales potential. You understand why it was the product that didn’t work and not the video in which a product didn’t work out as intended.

During the same time that our dedicated scriptwriters compose articles for us, and our expert video editor sources footage from all across the internet, they also supply consumers with an eye-catching thumbnail for any order.

They are a group of creative and skilled individuals who have come together to share a strong enthusiasm for video commercials.


They create scroll-stopping e-commerce videos for a variety of clients, including:

Set up a dropshipping store on Shopify.

  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Instagram

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We’ve Got Your Video Creative Dirty Work Covered

As a result, you can concentrate on the non-creative aspects of your company.

Product Research and Development

They rigorously test and check the items to ensure that they are ready for shipment, and they are well-versed in the products’ features and functionality before shipping.


They attend many ideation meetings regularly when they discuss all of the most important marketing aspects, benefits, and functioning of your product.


Our skilled writers will put our ideas into a shortlist format to serve as a reference and guide for you to agree on, as well as for the rest of the team to follow.


Our Casting Department is looking for the most talented performers in your video to be included. You’ll be able to choose your actors from our list, which will be available soon.


They’re filming in a 6,000 sq. ft. interior, which includes a background workshop, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas. Off-Location is a special order that can be customized.


Our skilled direct answer editors create the finest possible cut that includes all of the bells and whistles to create a video that converts like a champ.

Revisions are permitted indefinitely.

They offer unlimited editing revisions till 14 days following the delivery of your film as a way of ensuring customer satisfaction. There were no queries submitted.

Management of Projects

Make sure you’re up to date with our Asana project management system, which allows you to communicate with our team directly at any point in the process.

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Photographic Services on Demand

They also provide product, beauty, and lifestyle photography as an add-on service to your videos as a bonus. Fill out the form and include them in your order!

Instructions on how to have a video produced:

STEP 1: Decide on video creation.

They’ve bundled video services that are specifically designed for the media purchase team. Choose the services that are best suited to your requirements, from social media advertising to Amazon videos and comprehensive campaign kits.

STE 2: Completing the Creative Brief

Submit a thorough response to our ground-breaking brief questionnaire. From fundamental characteristics and advantages to expectations for actors and more… These are the assets that will be sorted out by our creative department.

STEP 3: Have Your Product Shipped (s)

Send your stuff to our studio address in Orange, California, which is listed below. If something goes wrong during the shipment or on set, make sure to ship as many units as you possibly can.

STEP 4: Check Asana for any new information.

You will have complete clarity regarding your project, and our staff will provide you with frequent updates on the progress of your project. You will receive your content through Asana once it is ready to be distributed!


  1. It is their specialty to produce Dropshipping Video Ads that sell!
  2. Low-cost, high-quality films produced by expert video editors and artists who specialize in dropshipping advertisements can be obtained.
  3. Purchase a high-quality video advertisement for your dropshipping business.
  4. In addition, check out our EPROLO versus Dropified Features Comparison Guide.
  5. Entrepreneurs like you have more options now than at any other time in history, which is good news in these challenging times.

You’ll receive USD 39 for the following:

  • Configure one Dropshipping Premium Video Ad campaign (30-45 Seconds)
  • One free Picture Ad will be provided.
  • Shipping within 1-2 business days
  • 3 Modifications and Revisions
  • What is the status of the operation?

Okay, all you have to do now is respond to our email after placing your order.

They require the following three fundamentals:

  • The Product-Service Relationship (Aliexpress, Shopify store, for example)
  • The commodity’s official name is
  • The Shop’s Branding (optional)

It couldn’t have been more straightforward! They’re going to take good care of it!

What is the appeal of Adsmate?

  1. Delivery is quite fast: one or two days!
  2. Every transaction comes with a free advertisement photo!
  3. With each video: a total of three revisions!
  4. Prevent the infringement of intellectual property rights!
  5. Put an end to your disapproval of your advertisement!
  6. You’ll save time when you’re looking for freelancers!
  7. It’s the simple strategy we’re using here…

Place your purchase today.

Select the video kit that best meets your needs and specs. Include any optional add-ons that you would like to use.

Questionnaire of brevity

Following your purchase, a brief questionnaire will be submitted to your account straight from the vendor. You can leave some feedback for our editors or tell us how you enjoy your film in this section.

An email will be used for delivery.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a link to your film via the email address you provided. At this point, you will have the option to request up to three adjustments.

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They create economical video advertising and of good quality that sells!


The videos they create are exclusive to you and are designed to appeal to your product and shop, similar to thumbnails.


The affordability allows you to try a greater number of products and so identify winners more quickly.


This company has a well-trained workforce that understands how to create very exciting dropship films that encourage purchases and clicks.

What They’re Getting Up To

It is a NO-FUSS video advertising supplier for dropshippers that offers high-quality, high-engaging, and unique video advertising. DropshipVids is a NO-FUSS video advertising service for dropshippers that provides high-quality, high-engaging, and exclusive video advertising. In addition, they have a collection of 100 percent exclusive movies for store owners who want to swiftly evaluate goods while avoiding copyright violations, expanding their market, and producing badass results.

It’s as easy as counting to three:

Provide access to the product on your behalf.

Please provide us with your logo.

They’re taking care of the rest.

They provide you with a preview till the project is completed – you have an unlimited number of modifications.

Needs to be completed by the deadline:

It’s the last video of your integrated badge that you’ve uploaded.

Per video contact, there are THREE thumbnails.

Here’s how a regular order would be completed:

Phase 1: Provide us with access to the items you wish to use.

Phase 2 – They go over the substance and begin to write the story. Yes, each video has a scripting function that is unique to it. Any video that they produce has a distinct look and feel.

Phase 3 – The film’s media was compiled, including video clips, photographs, reviews, and other materials.

Phase 4 – They edit the newspapers following the script that they wrote for themselves.

Phase 5 — The video is being produced.

Phase 6 — Music is inserted, and text is superimposed on top of it.

During the seventh phase, the video will be assessed to ensure that it meets all of our requirements.

Phase 8 – You will be provided with the video for review and analysis.

If any revisions are required, they will complete them immediately. Phase 9 –

Phase 10 – Deliver the completed package to you, complete with your customized LOGO.

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DropshipVids was formed by successful e-commerce entrepreneurs who have sold millions of dollars worth of things online.

They combine traditional direct response advertising techniques with user-generated content to create entertaining video adverts that compel viewers to take action and make a purchase to drive sales (reviews).

They offer competitive pricing to assist dropshippers in evaluating and delivering significant results to locate winners rapidly.

Team of Video Editors with Specialized Skills

  • A group of scriptwriters with a lot of experience
  • The first three seconds of the video, it is engaging.
  • Optimized for the transfer of thumbnail images
  • Video Ads for Dropshipping
  • Why Should You Choose Us?
  • The cost of Facebook advertisements has been reduced by 25%.
  • In your articles, you can expect a 40% increase in interaction.
  • Avoid wasting money on ineffective video advertisements.
  • Stop wasting time when creating adverts for yourself.
  • What exactly is this procedure?
  • Choose a package that meets your needs and fits your budget.
  • You can obtain the information you require by completing our simple questionnaire.
  • Finally, you will receive your film at the time frame that you specified when you purchased it to be shipped.
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After receiving your request, they will assign you a professional Creative Director who will begin working with you immediately. He’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know whether or not your order was successful. He or she will be your point of contact for any future queries.

What is the process of creating the videos?

Our video editors produce the videos by incorporating clips (for royalty-free commercial videos) from our resource partners, Twitter, premium stock videos, and clips that our clients provide us to make the videos. They constantly generate a new video for each user, and they always make it highly entertaining by using beautiful graphics and interesting scripting to engage the viewer.

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They have a team of extremely talented copywriters who are well-versed in how to write videos of the highest possible quality.

What is the video resolution in this case?

The square format (1080x1080p) of our normal films is ideal for posting on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, let’s say you desire vertical resolution for your Instagram story or horizontal footage for YouTube. The is also a possibility in that situation (You will get this option during checkout, or you can contact us for a custom offer).

Is it necessary for them to ship the merchandise to you?

NO, they do not require that merchandise to make your film. They will investigate your product and, as previously stated, will find a video that is similar to yours. However, if you have any videos or photographs, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

Do you write the scripts for the shows?

Yes! They have a team of exceptionally brilliant scriptwriters who can create one-of-a-kind replicas of your goods.

Is it possible to have videos rendered in languages other than English?

Yes, they can make films in any language, including French, Dutch, and other languages. However, they will require your assistance with script translation. Once you place your purchase, our talented writers will begin working on your winning script in English. (After that, they will submit the script to you for translation.)

Why should I order from you rather than from someone else?

In addition to their video marketing expertise, they have been in the dropshipping business since its inception more than a decade ago. Every month, they create hundreds of award-winning advertising for customers all over the world. They are well-versed in the art of creating a video that attracts viewers’ attention.

Also, see How to Create Free Video Ads for Dropshipping Products? for more information.

They have a team of copywriters, reporters, and artistic directors who are all extremely qualified and experienced in their profession. In addition, our founder, Ashwani Thakur, is a filmmaker who has gained recognition for his work.

If you choose us to create your advertisement video, you can sit back and rest knowing that you will receive the best service possible.

What format do you intend to deliver the video in?

By way of illustration, they export in the suggested MP4 format (Full HD 1080x1080p). Alternative formats or resolution formats, on the other hand, can be requested.

When should I expect my order to be delivered?

They are concerned about on-time delivery, and as a result, they continue to provide the films within the specified time frame.

The time it takes for the video to arrive is determined by the kit that you choose. There are two options available to you (one-day and three-day delivery).

What is your policy on refunds?

They are so sure in the film that if you don’t like it, they will offer you a full refund of your money. You will request a refund within seven days after receiving your order.

And what happens if I am dissatisfied with my order?

They provide Unlimited Revisions till you are completely satisfied with the final product. If you do not like the film, you can request a refund within seven days after purchasing it.


The e-commerce or dropshipping industries might be difficult to break into. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending weeks creating your shop and searching for the ideal merchandise only to discover that your marketing is ineffective.

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It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to believe you had the most fantastic potential talent every time you attempted a new idea and all you needed to do was tweak your business or find a new product.

For you, it will almost certainly relieve a great deal of stress and allow you to free up time and resources that you could otherwise devote to other, more vital tasks.

That’s why they established Ecom Videos, which has a dedicated staff of video editors and copywriters who are capable of producing high-converting video advertisements for you.

What you may expect as a result of your collaboration with us

They’ve completed over 11.500 dropshipping video advertisements with over 1.000 clients in the previous 12 months, and if anyone understands what works and what doesn’t, it’s us, because we’ve seen it all.

They have an 83 percent penetration rate, which means that 83 percent of our clients purchase from us more than once. After all, why would people make another purchase if they didn’t see the initial ad results?

However, this isn’t important to you since it shouldn’t matter to you. You are interested in whether or not they can resolve the problem.

Let’s see whether our advertisements can be of assistance:

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be running the greatest advertisement imaginable.

You’ll have extra time to devote to blog optimization and product testing as a result of this.

By the end of the day, you will have a larger sum of money in your possession.

You would be a lot more satisfied with your company and your life as a result of the factors mentioned above.

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Infrastructural Resources

They will develop video commercials for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok. They may create an advertisement for any channel or media you want to promote your product or service.

In addition to these services, they can also build picture ads, customized GIFs, and write Facebook ad copy for your product profile, depending on your specifications. You essentially have two options.