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Should You Wholesale of Dropship From Aliexpress Russia?

It has been determined that one of the best merchants, dropshippers, and wholesalers in Russia is none other than AliExpress Russia. Should you make an additional purchase from AliExpress Russia, either in bulk or via dropshipping, in addition to your typical purchases? This post will provide you with all the information regarding Aliexpress that you require.
What exactly is the AliExpress Russia website?

The Russian version of the retail website that AliExpress operates out of China may be found under the subdomain, which is located within the domain. While maintaining its worldwide headquarters in China, e-commerce platform AliExpress has opened offices in a number of other countries, including Russia, the United States of America, and Brazil. AliExpress Russia is a web-based retail franchise service with its headquarters in Russia. Taking advantage of Russia’s proximity to China, it establishes direct connections between Chinese consumers and Russian companies. As a consequence of this, delivery is typically easier to acquire, which makes it a great area to shop.

How Russians review/see AliExpress Russia

This is a very huge market, and judging by the ratings and comments left by Russian consumers on AliExpress’ website, Russia is arguably the greatest market between the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Russia AliExpress was ranked as the top global market for the Alibaba-owned independent retailer in September of 2017, with annual website traffic of 748.95 million visitors (about 25.80%), surpassing the United States AliExpress by 5.16%, Brazil AliExpress by 4.41%, Ukraine AliExpress by 4.39%, and Spain AliExpress by 4.35%, in that order. Russia AliExpress had website traffic of 748.95 million visitors (about 25.80%).

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The following is what Liu Wei, Director of AliExpress Russia, had to say in response to the tremendous market explosion that occurred on the retail website that had the most visits:

In addition, industry analysts have projected that Chinese retailers, particularly AliExpress Russia, will “shortly push Russian enterprises out of the market” if the current trend continues. This prediction is based on the fact that the trend has been continuing. In point of fact, a study that was carried out in Russia by the Association of Retail Companies (AKIT) found that the total retail e-commerce sales that took place in Russia in 2016 amounted to over 920 billion Russian rubles, which is equivalent to $15.7 billion US dollars. This represented a significant increase of twenty percent in compared to the previous year, 2015.

In addition, the shipping costs on AliExpress Russia are astonishingly low, despite the fact that customers’ orders are always delivered on time and that they never go unfulfilled.

How do AliExpress dropship and wholesale works?

When a customer places an order for an item through your online store or website, you then place the order with your Chinese provider, and your Chinese provider ships the item directly to your customer. This business model is known as dropshipping. You won’t need to worry about the inventory, packaging, or delivery of the product.

Let’s take a look at the inner workings of the AliExpress dropshipping business to better understand how it functions. In order to make use of AliExpress’ dropshipping services, you will first need to establish an online store using a service such as Shopify. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to start importing items from the AliExpress marketplace.

Your import processes can be streamlined and synchronised by using an app like Oberlo in conjunction with your Shopify storefront. Additionally, the app will notify you of any changes in inventory or pricing that are made by your supplier, and it will provide assistance in delivering tracking codes to your consumers after their items have been dispatched.

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Read this also for a detailed note on the delivery methods offered by AliExpress for dropshipping:

In the event that one of your customers places an order at your store, you will communicate with the relevant supplier in order to get the desired item shipped out to the consumer. The process of dropshipping through AliExpress is simplified and presented in a visual format in the following infographic.

The pros of dropshipping or wholesaling from AliExpress Russia

The dropshipping model offered by AliExpress Russia or Alibaba Russia comes with a number of advantages, which wholesalers and retail customers can take advantage of.

Bringing in New Material for a Product

You have the ability to choose from millions of various products thanks to the fact that you may immediately import product content and photographs from into your store.

Having the ability to determine your own pricing structure and markups

On AliExpress Russia, you are in complete command of your prices, markups, and other sales terms. The best thing is that after you sell a product, you can immediately buy another one from a supplier on AliExpress and have it shipped out from their warehouse directly to the consumer who purchased it.

E-commerce start-ups would find this platform to be quite useful.

Dropshipping through AliExpress is simple, speedy, and carries a low level of risk for e-commerce novices and new business owners. There is an increased willingness on the side of suppliers to collaborate with smaller enterprises (offering smaller quantities).

A group or association of retailers and distributors

Using AliExpress’s wholesale platform makes it simple to locate products, get in touch with Russian wholesalers, and position orders. One of the largest online marketplaces in the world, AliExpress Russia connects buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Affordable costs and high-grade goods

AliExpress Russia offers competitive pricing on a huge selection of high-quality items (the website presently lists over 100 million different products), all of which can be found in one convenient location. You may rest confident that every item displayed on the website is of the finest quality, and that you will be provided with wholesale prices that are among the most affordable in the industry.

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The Cons of dropshipping or wholesaling from AliExpress Russia

Every argument has a plausible counterargument. There are a few drawbacks to using AliExpress for dropshipping or wholesale purchases when doing business in Russia.

The use of language and communication might be difficult at times.

Working with the Russian version of AliExpress presents its own unique set of challenges in terms of the language. Customers who do not speak Russian may experience difficulty communicating with staff of the customer support department due to the language barrier.

Longer delivery times

AliExpress Russia’s shipping delays are frequently significantly longer than the industry standard. There are certain deliveries that are made outside of the country that require significantly more time than those that are made within the country. Distribution is a big challenge for AliExpress Russia’s retail site because the majority of consumers and users of the site are located outside of Moscow and other major Russian cities.

The process of importing goods and customs clearance

The high rates of customs and import duties in Russia contribute to the country’s high rate of imports. When it comes to exporting goods from Russia, dropshipping comes with a significant financial burden.

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Does AliExpress provide dropshipping and wholesale services directly, or does one of its suppliers do so?

AliExpress offers services including dropshipping and wholesale commerce. On the other hand, customers have the option of using dropshipping, which is a model of distribution utilised by suppliers, to transport the things that they have purchased. This is one of the outcomes that can be expected as a result of the adaptability models utilised by AliExpress Russia.

How to select suppliers for dropship/wholesale in AliExpress Russia?

Before deciding on dropship or wholesale suppliers on AliExpress Russia, there are a variety of considerations to take into account. Even if you already have a decent idea of the types of products you want to offer for sale, you still need to make sure that the dropshipping suppliers you select are reliable in terms of product quality and variety, as well as competitive price and delivery.

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Let’s have a look at some of the criteria that you should use when picking wholesale and dropship providers on AliExpress Russia.

Carry out Your Preliminary Research

It is likely that you have already decided on the goods that you want to sell; the next step is to determine what suppliers are available and which ones better meet your needs in terms of location (domestic or international), raw material procurement, delivery times, and service potential. If you have already made this decision, then proceed to the next step.

Make contact with the Vendors.

To best satisfy your needs, we ask that you get in touch with the provider who offers the most suitable solutions and establish a working partnership with them. You could occasionally choose to challenge them about the service that they are providing. You should make an effort to build a trustworthy relationship with the customer support service team and ensure that you engage with them on a frequent basis to receive information on a variety of topics, including the items, the costs, and the delivery.

Request Free Trials of Products from Your Suppliers.

Put in your sample orders with the top two or three vendors after you’ve narrowed down your choices to those numbers. Find out if you are satisfied with the services they provide by doing tests on their service quality, delivery times, packing, and other topics linked to suppliers.

Place an order with one of the Rivals.

It is possible that you will find out along the way that one or two of your competitors use the same supplier as you do. To get an idea of the level of service you’ll need to provide in order to compete effectively with the other companies in your industry, all you have to do is place an order with them.

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Choose Providers Who Have Been Praised and Have High Ratings

You are obligated to conduct research on your present and potential suppliers, as well as grade them based on the feedback and ratings provided by those who have worked with or utilised them in the past. This can help you understand how to deal with their operation and provide assistance in doing so.

What is the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress?

Both Alibaba and AliExpress are owned by the same conglomerate, and both platforms feature a sizable number of vendors and wholesalers selling their wares to customers.

On the other side, AliExpress operates in a manner that is analogous to that of Amazon in the United States. Customers are the focus of this publication, with a particular attention paid to more intimate wholesale dealings. Credit card transactions are accepted as a method of payment on AliExpress, and the seller is responsible for shipping the item. In most cases, orders are fulfilled quickly, and customers have the option to either return their purchase or receive a refund.

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On the other hand, Alibaba is an online marketplace that specialises in handling large and frequently individualised orders. A letter of credit or another type of commercial facility is by far the most common form of accepted payment. Since terms are normally FOB the manufacturer’s factory, buyers are responsible for making delivery arrangements. In most cases, this is accomplished through the use of a broker who is also responsible for logistics and customs.

The delivery time for orders can range anywhere from two weeks to ten weeks. Alibaba does not guarantee any assurances or return policies.

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Alibaba Russia vs AliExpress Russia: Which is better?

Okay, so this is going to be a little bit difficult. AliExpress is a company that springs to mind when thinking about making small and medium wholesale purchases. Alibaba is the place to go for large orders as well as orders that are made to the customer’s specifications. In light of the recent (18 September 2018) strengthening of economic links between Russia and China, a report by suggests that Alibaba could acquire 48% of AliExpress Russia. The article bases its hypothesis on the fact that Russia and China have been trading more frequently.

When it comes to utilising a credit card and the many different payment choices, AliExpress is typically a better deal than Alibaba. In addition, AliExpress provides a refund and return policy that enables you to send back any orders that have been damaged or are missing parts, and you are guaranteed to receive a full refund, provided that you comply with all of the terms and conditions.

If I were to buy something in Russia, in addition to AliExpress and Alibaba, are there any other shopping websites that come highly recommended for wholesale or dropshipping?

There are, as expected, a multitude of additional wholesale and dropshipping websites from which customers might select. The following is a list of the most useful shopping websites; however, we will focus on Chinabrands because it is an online e-commerce platform that excels all of the others in terms of its functionality and services.

On Chinabrands, a marketplace, you can purchase and sell practically anything in bulk while also taking advantage of the dropshipping service. They offer a diverse selection of products of a very high standard. They have excellent shipping and distribution procedures in place. They work with a group of quality management specialists who have received extensive training, and it is their job to verify that each product listed on the website has been subjected to quality inspection before it is made available online. Along with a tremendous price cut, Chinabrands also gives customers the opportunity to earn CB as a reward.

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AliExpress Russia is, without a doubt, a wonderful destination to come because it provides a variety of exceptional services that are superior to those offered by the majority of other online buying websites both in Russia and throughout the world. Alibaba is a retail outlet that is similar to Amazon and also helps to set the pace. Why not take advantage of the amazing deal that AliExpress is currently doing in Russia? AliExpress has been largely responsible for Russia’s recent rise to the top of the online market rankings.