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List of Countries to Avoid and Not to Target in Dropshipping

Every person who engages in dropshipping is concerned about the compilation of a list of countries that offer the greatest potential for dropshipping. They are continuously looking for countries that have audiences that might be interested in buying their products and are open to doing so. However, it is very common for people to start their businesses in nations that are not at all suitable for dropshipping, and this is something that should be avoided.
A good deal of time has been spent discussing the nations that are most conducive to the development of a successful dropshipping enterprise. You are very knowledgeable regarding the nations that you ought to focus on acquiring customers from. In today’s lesson, we are going to discuss the nations that, when it comes to our Dropshipping business, we ought to steer clear of at all costs. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and you might be able to make some successful sales in these countries as well. The countries that we will discuss today are not ideal for operating a dropshipping business.

When testing your products with Facebook ads, there are seven countries you should avoid.

These are the nations that you should avoid targeting with your Facebook ads and why you shouldn’t do so.

When you are testing your advertisements, you should steer clear of this country. Many people have already discussed the reasons why India is not an appropriate country to target, so there is no need to repeat those arguments here. The low volume of traffic in India is the primary factor behind the recommendation that advertising tests be avoided in that country. You will receive a substantial amount of traffic and clicks at a low cost. When it comes to India, the issue with dropshipping is that despite receiving a lot of traffic, you won’t make enough sales to justify the effort. In India, it is impossible to get traffic that is well targeted. It is simple to receive a large number of clicks in India; however, the vast majority of the people who click will not purchase your goods. Even if you do manage to make some sales, your conversion rate will be significantly improved. Obtaining traffic at a low cost is not in the least bit beneficial to your company. The type of traffic that you have is not one that you would prefer to have.

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India may be a good place to test inexpensive finished products, but you shouldn’t consider it to be one of the top countries to target there. Test takers at the beginner level should steer clear of India at all costs.
If you are just starting out, you should steer clear of this particular country. We strongly advise you to stay away from Indonesia at all costs. We strongly advise that you steer clear of testing in Indonesia due to the extremely high incidence of fraud in that country. When you test in Indonesia, you may make a few sales with a higher-than-average value, but more than that, you will make a lot of fraudulent transactions, which will result in chargebacks, disputes, and chargebacks. You will be forced to deal with a significant number of issues that you do not wish to address. We strongly advise that you steer clear of testing in Indonesia due to the high risk of being a victim of fraud.


Because of the abundant presence of AliExpress and Alibaba as well as the low cost of traffic, we strongly suggest that you stay away from China in the beginning as well. You will see higher costs for conversions as a result of the large number of resellers who will click on your site simply for the purpose of checking it out. It is likely that Chinese people will not buy your products because they are aware that they can purchase the same products from AliExpress or Alibaba at a significantly reduced price. People in China will not purchase goods from businesses based in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. They will give preference to purchasing products from a company that is located in their own nation rather than going through a middleman. If you are just starting out, it is strongly recommended that you avoid going to China for this very reason.

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The reason for this is that it is quite comparable to Indonesia. Because there is such an alarmingly high rate of fraud in Afghanistan, we strongly advise you to avoid getting tested there if at all possible. When you are shopping in Afghanistan, you might get a few deals and higher-than-average value deals, but more than that, you will get a lot of fakes, debate, and chargebacks. You will be required to deal with a large number of issues that require your management. When it comes to testing, you should avoid Afghanistan at all costs because the country will never provide you with reliable results.


When you begin testing your advertisements in Pakistan for the first time, you will encounter a high number of fraudulent activities coming from Pakistan. You will receive a substantial amount of low-cost traffic. In addition, there is virtually no possibility that your products will be successful in this market. We strongly suggest that you select those countries that provide you with the clearest indication and that have the potential to generate sales of the specific products you offer.

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In comparison to the other countries in the middle east, Iraq will not provide any indication as to whether or not your products will be successful in the marketplace. You will find that leads in Iraq are significantly less expensive than those in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Iraq, there is an extremely small chance that you will be able to acquire clicks of a high quality. We recommend that you go to certain countries because they will give you the best signal and may be able to get you offers of your specific products.

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Malaysia is the final place on earth where you will never want to test any of your advertisements. Malaysia, which is very similar to Indonesia, will provide you with inexpensive traffic. Due to the high risk of fraud in this country, we strongly recommend that you avoid travelling there. Many dropshippers have reported problems with Malaysian customers engaging in fraudulent activity. You don’t wan that kind of trouble in your business. There is nothing that, even if you get good conversions from Malaysia, is worth the trouble of going through all of this trouble.

When it comes to testing Facebook ads for dropshipping products, the aforementioned list of countries is the one that you should steer clear of. There are many other countries in addition to the countries that we have mentioned above that are similar to these countries. We strongly advise you not to test your products in such countries because you will never make enough money from sales there to make it worthwhile for your company to invest there.