Aliexpress Dropshipping India

Is Aliexpress Dropshipping Banned? Some Alternatives

The Indian government has banned 43 apps from the country as part of a fresh assault on Chinese-linked applications. This was accomplished in accordance with Section 69A. (Information Technology Act). Several government agencies presented information indicating that these applications were engaged in actions that could be detrimental to India’s sovereignty and integrity, as well as its defence and security, as well as the stability and order of the state.

Is AliExpress considered illegal in India?
There are 43 mobile applications that have been banned in India, including AliExpress, a prominent online shopping platform. AliExpress was one of the mobile applications that managed to avoid being targeted by India’s last digital offensive against Chinese applications in 2014. Following the most recent crackdown on Chinese apps in India, the platform would no longer be available in the country. Consider the country of origin of AliExpress in order to gain a better understanding of it.
What nation does AliExpress operate out of?
Alibaba owns AliExpress, which is based in China and has its headquarters there. Alibaba is a Chinese technology behemoth. Established in 2010 as an online platform for small Chinese enterprises that offer overseas products, it has grown into a major player in the international marketplace. Alibaba, the technological powerhouse, is largely regarded as the world’s leader in wholesale mobile commerce for international business. Alibaba Group is headquartered in India and has made a number of significant investments in the country.

What is the impact of AliExpress being banned in India?

The prohibition on AliExpress will have a negative impact on Indian merchants. This raises a slew of questions. Many people are apprehensive that AliExpress may be unable to ship to India in the future. It is not realistic to forbid package delivery from taking place. Dropshipping alternatives to AliExpress are more difficult to come by for Indian entrepreneurs than shipping alternatives. China’s ecommerce platforms provide greater ease than many people think, according to the company.

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It is impossible for dropshipping businesses in India to obtain wholesale suppliers through AliExpress. This means that they will be unable to accept orders from clients unless a replacement to AliExpress can be identified. As a result, they will have to close their dropshipping business.

Dropship store owners who are now reliant on AliExpress may be keen to find an alternative. It should have a similar appearance and feel to AliExpress, and it should be simple to interface with other online marketplaces. A store on Amazon, eBay, or Shopify can be set up with this application. The EPROLO dropshipping platform is a free service that offers order fulfilment and 24/7 customer assistance to its users.

Dropshipping AliExpress really works?

Without a doubt, AliExpress is the world’s largest international ecommerce network with online marketplaces, according to the data. There are over 100 million products and thousands of categories to pick from, making it a truly global marketplace. AliExpress boasts exceptionally low costs and a large selection of payment choices, making it a great place to shop. PayPal, Visa debit/credit cards, MasterCard credit cards, and Maestro debit cards are all accepted as payment methods. You can also import products straight into the web store, so don’t be concerned if you infringe on someone else’s intellectual property. Illegally selling counterfeit products on AliExpress is against the law.
Numerous ecommerce store operators from all around the world have chosen it as their preferred platform. AliExpress’s competitive edge has grown as a result of the addition of ePacket international delivery. If you’re looking to start a dropshipping business, this is a good option to consider.

AliExpress is an excellent website. You will get a terrific discount and have a fantastic time at the resort. There may, however, be some faults with the product as a whole.

Dropshipping suppliers illegal

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Dropshipping vendors are prohibited.
In the first place, dropshipping can be a high-risk business endeavour. These providers are known for their low prices. They do not provide high-quality Chinese goods or excellent customer service. It is possible for illegal wholesale vendors to create a counterfeit version of the identical product utilising recycled resources. It might be difficult to tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit products from photographs. In the case of a dependable AliExpress dropshipping supplier, even if they have a cheaper price, they will not be a good fit for your needs despite their lower pricing. Customer retention can be negatively impacted by both bad quality items and poor quality services.

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Second, ecommerce entrepreneurs are more likely to come across AliExpress resellers than they are in the general population. According to research, around 70 percent of AliExpress merchants are also resellers of their own products. Dropshipping is a business concept that allows clients to order a wide range of products directly from drop shippers, without having to deal with middlemen. If you are expecting your AliExpress dropshipping suppliers to perform quality control, you will be disappointed in their performance. Because your supplier is a reseller, he or she cannot perform quality control on your behalf. Without product procurement, your reseller-supplier will be unable to ensure quality. In order to show a lower price, the reseller may also include his or her brand card in the packaging. Consider how your consumer will feel if he receives a delivery like this one. You’ll eventually lose your customer’s confidence.

ePacket Delivery

Third, ePacket can be a less-than-ideal shipping alternative in some circumstances. The average shipping period for ePacket deliveries is between 10 and 30 days, depending on the destination. During peak seasons, the process may take longer. Dropshippers who use AliExpress will find this to be a difficult issue. Customers are not always patient when it comes to shopping. It is not possible to keep clients waiting for their orders for an extended period of time. The number of complaints against online shops will rise. Your store’s brand will be tarnished in the near future. Making money with a shoddy image store is not a viable business strategy.

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In the case of EPROLO, you’ve made the ideal decision if you’re seeking for a provider who is simple to work with for your internet business.

Dropshipping India: Best AliExpress Alternatives


EPROLO is a dropshipping platform for the Shopify e-commerce platform. It can also be utilised in online stores such as WooCommerce or eBay. It serves as a provider and is responsible for order fulfilment. EPROLO is a dropshipping platform that is simple to use for both beginners and seasoned professionals. EPROLO is about more than just the pricing; it’s about the operation and the overall services as well. The following are the reasons why it is the best option:

Suppliers who are in compliance with the law
EPROLO offers more than 300,000 goods and has formed long-term relationships with manufacturers and companies in order to provide them. The EPROLO team picks factories and manufacturers with care, and those that do not satisfy standards are removed from consideration. The website offers products from a wide range of industries, including fashion, accessories, sports, and technology, among others.

High-quality dropshipping products are available.
Products from EPROLO may be quickly and simply imported into Shopify stores. It was responsible for the development of Shopify’s dropshipping app. This stage can be completed in a single click, and the installation process is straightforward. Dropship store owners may be concerned about the quality of the things they are selling on their websites. What steps would you take to resolve this issue? Dropshipping products on EPROLO is made possible by collaborations with reputable vendors and suppliers. They are both environmentally friendly and constructed entirely of natural materials. To ensure that the products are of good quality, the website runs a thorough quality control system. All products are double-checked before they are shipped from the website. There will be no broken things sent to you.

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In addition, the platform provides a product sourcing service. Product links can be submitted by ecommerce store owners, and a quote can be requested. When you receive orders, EPORLO will take care of all of the specifics. This comprises activities such as sourcing, purchasing, quality assurance, foreign shipment, and so forth.

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Shipping is expedited.
EPROLO provides a number of shipping options to accommodate a variety of requirements. Delivery time is between 5 and 15 days, depending on the country and logistics company used to ship the package. Store owners can verify the estimated shipment time on the product page by visiting the product page. Multiple goods can be transported together in a single shipment if they are small enough. This has the potential to shorten shipment times.
The platform provides a shipment assurance in order to protect the interests of retailers. If the product is not delivered within the stipulated time frame, you have the right to request a complete refund (30 days generally).

Warehouses in China and other countries
EPROLO maintains a number of warehouses in China, the United States, and the United Kingdom. EPROLO maintains control over product inventory and packs products with the help of its own team. Self-operating warehouses have a number of advantages, including quick processing times, efficient packaging, and a delivery management system, to name a few.
Whenever companies are looking for suppliers, there is one question that they all ask: Will customers be able to tell that the packages are coming from China? No. It is not possible to ship any packages without the information from the supplier.

EPROLO provides a branding service to assist you in promoting the name of your business. The packaging boxes and tapes used by e-commerce stores can be customised with the store’s logo. EPROLO POOD can be used to search for products on demand and to create your own products, among other things. There is no requirement for a minimum order amount.

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Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce are just a few of the marketplaces where you can find Wholesale2B, which is an online platform that sells wholesale products. As one of the top AliExpress alternatives, it provides ecommerce entrepreneurs with access to one million products and 106 drop shippers through a single platform. Pet supplies, electronics, and clothing are just a few of the more than 30 product categories available to customers. Products are available for download as CSV files.
Wholesale2B’s shipping times vary depending on the suppliers that the company works with. There is also a restriction on the countries from which packages can be shipped. Dropshipping businesses are unable to ship internationally. Orders can only be placed through this website if they are shipped to the United States or Canada. You will need to use a third-party website in order to ship your products to other countries.

Registration for Wholesale2B is completely free of charge. You will, however, need to sign up for a plan if you want to take advantage of additional services. Various plans and prices are available, with prices ranging between $29.99 and $39.99 per month depending on the plan. Additionally, it accepts payments for subscription fees via PayPal and credit card.

Internationally Recognized Brands
Worldwide Brands has over twenty years of experience in the industry. Worldwide Brands is a source site that connects you with more than 8000 wholesalers who are in charge of order fulfilment and distribution. The majority of these suppliers are based in the United States of America. Worldwide Brands has published a Wholesale Directory that includes more than twenty product categories and is available for purchase online. You can buy and sell products such as pet supplies, toys and clothing; electronics; food and drink; and crafts, to name a few examples.

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eBooks that are available for dropshipping are also available. If you’re looking to break into the online education market, Worldwide Brands is a fantastic resource to use.
Worldwide Brands charges a one-time fee of $299 for its membership services. Worldwide Brands accepts a number of different forms of payment, including VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. If you are dealing with wholesale suppliers, you may also be required to pay a drop shipping fee on your order. Specifically, this is for the services of sorting and packaging the product. The fee ranges from approximately $1.00 to $5.00 per hour.

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Brands Gateway

SaleHoo is an online research tool that ecommerce businesses can use to find new customers. The website has over 8000 suppliers who offer products in twenty different categories such as apparel, accessories, electronics, health and beauty, and more. Also available are over 1000 suppliers who drop ship high-quality products to their customers. The information about the suppliers is displayed. Take a look at the information about suppliers, which includes contact information as well as product details and ranges, as well as locations and shipping methods.

Because SaleHoo has a large number of suppliers, delivery times can vary. If you are dealing with a local supplier, the shipping time will be between 2 and 6 business days. Drop Ship from China, on the other hand, will take between 21 and 45 days. You should also pay attention to the minimum order quantities as well as the shipping countries that are available. Approximately 20 percent of suppliers are unable to ship internationally. In order to purchase products from approximately 50% of these suppliers, a minimum order quantity is required.

Users can choose from a variety of price options on SaleHoo. Each one costs between $67 and $970 per year. A variety of payment options are available to you. These include PayPal and credit cards.
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Brands Gateway is a website that provides information about brands.
If you’re looking for AliExpress alternatives to fashion apparel, here’s a suggestion.

Brands Gateway is a business-to-business marketplace that caters exclusively to the luxury fashion industry. Suppliers of clothing, shoes, and accessories can be found here. There are over 70 luxury brands that offer items, with a total of more than 15,000 items available. Brands Gateway maintains warehouses in Italy, Germany, and the United States, among other locations. FedEx, UPS, and DHL are the shipping companies that it uses. In most cases, packages are delivered within 3 to 5 business days of purchase. EUR15 is the starting price for express shipping.

Dropshipping is made possible by plugins developed by Brands Gateway for WooCommerce and Shopify. You can download a CSV or an XLSX file to use as a management tool for your products. It has three different pricing plans, with prices ranging from $351 to $2,014.

Doba is an online marketplace with a large number of products and hundreds of suppliers. There are over 600,000 products available for dropshipping. Automobile, beauty, and office supplies are among the eight categories in which Doba products are classified.

Doba ships packages using the DHL and FedEx delivery services. There are, however, restrictions on which countries can receive shipments. Suppliers are prohibited from shipping their products outside of the United States. As a result, international shipping is not an option at this time.
Doba provides users with a choice between two plans. They cost $ 24.99 per month or $ 49.99 per year, respectively. PayPal is a payment method that is accepted by the merchant.

InventorySource, a network of companies, provides dropshipping services to customers. There are over 25 e-commerce sites that it can connect to, among them are Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify. InventorySource provides online store owners with access to over 200 dropshipping suppliers. There are ten different types of suppliers: pet, camping, fishing, toys, and home decor are just a few examples.

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InventorySource provides customers with three different pricing options. You can view suppliers if you register for a free account. For services such as uploading product data or fulfilling orders, you will be required to pay an additional fee. The monthly cost of these plans ranges between $99 and $225.

Wholesale Central is a wholesale distribution centre that specializes in wholesale distribution.
Wholesale Central is a dropshipping service in India that competes with AliExpress. This website is a business-to-business platform for resellers that was recommended by Forbes magazine. More than 1,000 wholesale shops and more than 400 000 items are available through Wholesale Central. It also has fifty major product categories to offer its customers. Wholesale Central carries a diverse selection of merchandise, including apparel, art, and baby items, as well as books, accessories, and toys, among other things.