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Chris Wane Advanced Dropshipping Academy Course Review

Do you want to read the most straightforward evaluation of Chris Wane’s Shopify course, which is called Advanced Dropshipping Academy? You have arrived at the correct location. Those who are familiar with this blog have stated that our reviews are the most positive.

Chris Wane has not too long ago introduced his dropshipping programme, which has been getting frequent updates since its introduction. He is a strong advocate for the use of social media platforms like Instagram. He sells many dreams, such as being able to leave a job working 9 to 5 and having a life filled with freedom. Is there any truth to it?
This review of Advanced Dropshipping Academy will provide some insight into the training programme. Additionally, it has a value of $397. This is the cost that Chris Wane has established for his programme. This course is made to assist anyone, from someone who is new to dropshipping to someone who already has some experience in the field.

Chris Wane:

Chris Wane is an English YouTuber who is 31 years old and who has been posting videos on a variety of subjects related to digital marketing and dropshipping. Over 5,500 people have subscribed to his channel, and each of his videos has what appears to be a decent number of views.

He typically publishes between one and two videos every week, with topics such as “How to manage cash flow” and “How to control $1,000/Day budgets.”

Instead of the over-the-shoulder videos that we have become accustomed to seeing from YouTubers who discuss dropshipping, these videos show Chris speaking directly into the camera.

Chris Wane is a knowledgeable resource when it comes to dropshipping through Shopify. Is he, however, one of the many YouTubers who is capitalising on the newest fad in addition to deriving the entirety of his income from his course?
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Have you heard of the Chris Wane Dropshipping Shop?
In order to introduce his new class, he gave an interview. He also demonstrates his business, which he refers to as Big Red Gadgets and claims is the source of all of his income.

The Shopify platform was utilised in the construction of this particular Shopify store. It utilises a Shopify theme that has a design aesthetic not dissimilar to that of the Booster Theme.

Review of Advanced Dropshipping Academy

It is not common for a course to be hosted on the Thinkific platform because most course developers prefer to use Kajabi, Teachables, or Clickfunnels instead. However, this course is hosted on Thinkific.

You have the option of either making one payment in the total amount of $397, or two payments in the amount of $199 each. There is the option of two payments, each one being $199. Those who have limited cash on hand are able to take advantage of the smaller payments thanks to this payment plan. Until you make your second payment, you will only have access to fifty percent of the total course content.

The Advanced Dropshipping course is comprised of 63 videos that cover a variety of topics. While others are completed in a matter of minutes, others take a considerable amount of time.

You can anticipate high-quality video and audio from users who upload content to YouTube. You can expect it to be of high quality because he is knowledgeable in the subject matter.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into the meat of the class and see what you actually take away from it.

Module 1 Introduction

The majority of the time allotted to each video is devoted to an introduction to each of these classes. Chris will show you a video in which he makes the claim that he has made $500,000, but he will not provide any evidence to support his claim that he is actually making this amount of money.

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It makes no difference if there is no clear indication of revenue. The cost of the goods sold is not included in the screenshots of the Shopify dashboard. The costs of the individual products, as well as any variable costs such as those associated with shipping, refunds, and fraud, are not reflected in the screenshots provided by Shopify’s dashboard.

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An average $500k store may struggle to make $50k per annum. Remember that in your search.

In the last video of this module, we will discuss whether it would be better to open a store that specialises in just one product, a general one, or a general one that carries a variety of products Chris breaks down the benefits of each option as well as the drawbacks so that you can make an informed choice.
Finding the Winning Product,

Module 2: Finding the Winning Product

You will be able to acquire the knowledge necessary to find products that are profitable after you have selected the appropriate kind of store to operate. What I mean when I say “winning products” is this:

The research of niches is not the primary focus of this content. However, tools like sell You can find the best products with the assistance of The Trend, and then import them into your online store in a matter of minutes. There is no point in pursuing a specialised market if there is no potential for financial gain.

Chris Wane investigates a variety of topics, including locating dependable suppliers, selecting products of a high quality, and selecting products with expedient shipping options.

This section explores free methods of locating products, such as monitoring social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

After that, you can investigate various paid methods of locating products to sell. Actually, I did write a post about it, and it covered 17 of the most popular ones.
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Although a lot of people believe that paid tools aren’t worth the time or money you put into them, I think they’re fantastic. They will be able to assist you in locating the most popular products as well as exploring products that you may not be familiar with.

Module 3: Building Your Store

After that, we will begin constructing your shop. Because of this, you will be able to sell your products and receive payments.

These videos cover very fundamental information and are presented in an over-the-shoulder format. As Chris constructs a shop, you will be following his progress closely. You will learn how to personalise your app store and add the apps that are recommended the most by the instructor after completing this module. It is also about finding ways to make it simple and fast.

If you’ve been searching for free videos on YouTube, you’ve probably already come across this section at some point.
Chris recommends using Shopify. You can fulfil orders placed on Aliexpress using a plugin called Oberlo, which automates the process.

You will also learn how to install a premium theme with this guide. There are numerous themes available that can improve your website’s conversion rate. Chris recommends that you check Shoptimized in addition to 7, which I have reviewed and found to be one of the best. It’s a wonderful central theme.

Become familiar with the process of installing apps from the Shopify app store and registering your own domain name (such as You can get your own email address by familiarising yourself with the process of setting up G Suite. There are also videos that demonstrate how to install Google Analytics and incorporate customer service into your website.

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At long last, videos have been created that cover Shopify store hacks. This article was also covered by me.

Module 4: Adverts

The course that Chris teaches on Facebook Ads is good, but there are other courses that cover a wider variety of traffic sources, such as Google, Bing, and other social media platforms.

There are a lot of dropshippers who aren’t aware of how much Facebook ads cost. They lose hundreds, but only make a few dollars, so they accuse dropshipping of being a scam. Your traffic costs will not be reduced by using Facebook Ads. We are unable to provide any additional training at this time.


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We will begin with the fundamentals of advertising on Facebook. This includes installing the Facebook pixel in your store as well as learning how to track sales. You can create a business account on Facebook. Following that, you will receive instruction regarding the structure and objectives of the campaign.

Chris will continue to show how to conduct research with Facebook Audience Insights, as well as create video advertisements and launch your first campaign.
Videos can be found on Satellite pages, and they are also included in the overall Facebook Ad strategy. There are two videos available, one covering broad targeting and the other covering interests targeting. Additionally, there are two videos that can be viewed on campaign management and page moderation.

If you ask me, the advertisements section of Facebook is not very large. It is not a comprehensive guide because I have seen courses on this platform that had more than fifty videos. Even though this is an excellent place to begin, the information presented here is not the most helpful when it comes to expanding your store.

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Module 5: Order Fulfilment

This module provides video lessons that walk you through the steps of using the Shopify plugins Oberlo and Dsers to successfully fulfil customer orders. There is also an option available called Dropified, which requires payment but provides automated fulfilment. There is also a platform known as Ninja Seller.

After an order has been placed with the provider, you will learn how to track it with the help of this video. It is recommended that you use a plugin such as Aftership to ensure that your customers receive updates regarding their orders and to cut down on customer service complaints.

Module 6: Retargeting customers

One of the most effective methods for increasing sales is by retargeting site visitors who have previously visited your website, added items to their shopping carts, but did not complete their purchases. Retargeting advertisements can be an extremely valuable addition to a marketing campaign, despite the fact that doing so may incur additional expenses.

Chris starts by investigating retargeting options within Shopify’s messenger and email platforms, both of which require the installation of third-party apps.

The following choice is to use retargeting via SMS. This method can be very efficient, but it can also be very pricey, particularly if you send SMS messages internationally. This could be construed as being intrusive, which may not be in keeping with the way you conduct business. Chris will show you how to make use of it.

Following this, we will talk about dynamic retargeting through Facebook Ads as well as how to create custom audiences for your ads.

In addition to that, the product retargeting case study is included in Advanced Dropshipping Academy.

Module 7: Scaling a Product that Wins

As I was saying earlier, the Facebook Ads section isn’t very long at all. On the other hand, this module by Chris Wane goes into greater detail about how to scale your successful products.
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This video will show you how to test effectively while simultaneously reducing the size of your audience. A video demonstrating how to construct lookalike audiences through the use of horizontal and vertical scaling is provided. Upselling and cross-selling are two methods that Chris explains he uses to raise the average order value of his customers.

Chris presented a case study and a video on manual bidding. The case study was about the $100,000 carousel.

Module 8+9 – Outsourcing, Automation and Branding

I decided to combine the last four modules of the course because they were so brief.

The provision of customer support can be outsourced with the assistance of a Virtual Assistant. When your business has expanded, this person will be able to assist you with order fulfilment.

There are many places, such as Upwork, where you can find virtual assistants.

There is one video in Module 9 that discusses print on demand and how to utilise it. In the event that you are interested in POD, this information is provided even though Chris does not do this as part of his business.

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There is also a video that explains how to make your own products using private labelling that you can watch.

Module 10+11 – Selling Your Store + Conclusion

Each and every course offered by Advanced Dropshipping Academy includes a video that walks you through the process of selling your shop on Shopify Exchange.

You need to make sure that you have sales for the next six to twelve months. It is not difficult to identify dropshipping stores. They are not very valuable if you do not have any winning advertisements or a solid pixel.
The final video can be found in Module 11. There isn’t much more that can be said about this.

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Module 12+13: Bonuses

These modules include bonuses and other content that will be used in the future. In a short amount of time, additional details will be made available. Because the subsequent content might have changed by the time I post this review, I won’t bother doing so. I was wondering why something like this wasn’t covered in the class.

Among the many topics I’ve brought up, you can count Google Ads, Google Shopping and SEO, Returns, and so on.

The bonuses consist of four different documents, which are as follows:

The most useful apps for Shopify
Links to sign up and themes
Models for providing service to customers
Shopify’s page content calculator for determining whether or not you break even
The Facebook Mastermind Group Advanced Dropshipping Academy is a closed group on Facebook that Chris makes available to members of the academy. This gives you the opportunity to discuss topics and engage in conversation with other members.

Chris asserts that he is a regular participant in this group and is willing to respond to any questions that you may have.

Final Verdict

The course taught by Chris Wane not only has the potential to be an excellent launching point, but it also has the potential to be of great assistance. I don’t understand the motivation behind him developing a course on Facebook ads and dropshipping. It is extremely unlikely that you will come across a course that does not include Instagram Influencers, SEO, Pinterest, or Google Shopping. These are two extremely lucrative avenues of endeavour.

This class is not suggested for students who are working with a constrained financial plan. Facebook Ads can be quite pricey, particularly for businesses that are just beginning their operations. This is not a comprehensive guide to Facebook ads, despite the fact that Chris provides you with some information about them.

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If you purchase the course for $397, then you will still require an additional $250-$500 in order to get started with Facebook ads. It is also necessary to have a premium theme and plugins in order to increase your conversion rate, which can ultimately result in financial gain. There is no way for you to learn about any other potential sources of traffic.

People have left comments on his course asking when Instagram and Google will be added as options for students to choose from. Even though it’s been three months since it happened, the topic is still not covered in the class.

Chris is a genuine and honest guy. I have no doubt that you will gain a lot of knowledge regarding him. If you are set on becoming a customer of his brand, that is fantastic.

If you are looking for the most effective dropshipping course available on the market, Advanced Dropshipping Academy might not be the right course for you to take. The $297 plan from eCom Elites costs $100 less and includes more than 200 dropshipping-related videos. It also covers all of the topics that were covered in this class that I skipped.

You will receive in-depth research on the product, as well as advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, as well as advertisements on Google. You can also meet tens of thousands of other students by joining a group on Facebook. You can read my review to see how it stacks up against your own.