1688 Dropshipping

1688 Dropshipping Review and How to Start it?

1688 If you do not have the appropriate tools, dropshipping can be a challenging endeavour. 1688 agent to assist you in negotiating the intricacies of the regional market of suppliers. Employing an agent is one way to significantly enhance the effectiveness of the dropshipping process as a whole.

The number of people using various online shopping websites has skyrocketed in recent years. People are consistently coming up with new uses for dropshipping, which is a growing trend.

One of the sectors of the economy that is expanding at the quickest rate is dropshipping. There are many different platforms available, some of which include Alibaba, AliExpress, and Shopify. These online marketplaces are among the most widely used for dropshipping today.

1688 is a platform that makes dropshipping possible, and users of the platform can engage in dropshipping. With so many other businesses to contend with, innovation has become everyone’s top priority.

One common type of business model is called dropshipping. However, a large number of people are also looking for methods to enhance their dropshipping businesses. You will learn how to dropship from 1688.com by following the steps in this guide.

What exactly is this Dropshipping 1688 thing?

The B2B directory Alibaba is known for is also offered by Alibaba’s subsidiary, 1688. 1688 enables buyers to access factories, trading companies, and wholesalers from China, just like its parent company does.


Simply conduct a search on the site using any industry or domain that interests you, and it will point you in the direction of the appropriate suppliers.

Many people are confused by the fact that the site is named after the year 1688. The name for 1688 in Chinese is “Yao Liu Ba Ba,” which has a pronunciation that is strikingly similar to that of the main directory Alibaba.

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It is not uncommon for businesses in China and other parts of Asia to change their names to match those of their subsidiaries.

The primary distinction between Alibaba and 1688 is that the latter was developed exclusively for use in domestic trades. Alibaba was initially developed for international commerce.

Due to the fact that both Alibaba and AliExpress were designed from the beginning to facilitate international trade, Chinese users are prohibited from accessing either platform. People from China are required to make use of a variety of different purchasing methods in order to make purchases from these platforms.

People are reluctant to make purchases from these websites because production in China is simple and inexpensive. These items are able to be purchased in their respective countries’ native markets. Alibaba is a company that is entirely focused on international trade.

The domestic supply is represented by the number 1688. This is made abundantly clear in the Chinese language of 1688, whereas Alibaba provides translations in a wide variety of languages.

Because you can find almost any kind of supplier beginning at 1688, dropshipping is now simpler than it has ever been. Starting at $1688, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using dropshipping.


When compared to Alibaba and AliExpress, the prices of items sold on 1688 are generally lower than those offered by the two other websites.

Providing cheaper goods to your domestic market is a strategy that should come as no surprise. The use of dropshipping as a cost-cutting strategy can be very effective.

You can also find a wider variety of goods on 1688, which is comparable to AliExpress. As was mentioned earlier, there are a number of 1688 agents that are active in the Chinese domestic market. You can find them all over the country.

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AliExpress offers more customization options than AliExpress. You have options in a wide range of fields. These products can also be purchased at a reduced price, making them an excellent choice for international drop shipping.

Businesses that rely on drop shipping have an additional responsibility to ensure the highest possible product quality. AliExpress is unable to provide a quality guarantee for any products purchased from seller 1688.

Your dropshipping company could be doomed if you buy faulty products from AliExpress, despite the fact that the quality inspection process is comparable on both platforms.

AliExpress has a well-deserved reputation for selling merchandise of poor quality, much of which is shipped by dishonest individuals. Any items that are returned after they have been delivered are subject to an additional shipping fee.In addition, the dispute clause cannot be activated after the product has been delivered. 1688 stipulates that consumers are entitled to a refund without penalty if they discover that the product they purchased is flawed.

A representative can also assist you in acquiring high-quality reports, pictures, and videos of inspections. This will make it possible for you to evaluate the quality of the product before it is shipped.

AliExpress offers free shipping on the majority of its products; however, it is not possible to combine the shipping of multiple orders into one package. Users of 1688 do, however, have the ability to combine multiple orders into a single order by working with the available help agents.


Language is the primary obstacle to 1688’s operational success. Because this website is geared toward the Chinese market, the language used on it is Chinese.

Despite the fact that your browser may offer translation, many of the contents cannot be translated in their entirety. The desktop version of the website is converted into a mobile-friendly format. In contrast to how it appears in Chinese, this does not display the entire content.

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It will be difficult for small businesses that are just starting out in the industry to pay 1688. AliExpress provides a diverse selection of payment methods.

AliExpress gives its customers a variety of ways to pay, such as through PayPal, WebMoney, and credit cards. This privilege is not extended to any individuals who were born after the year 1688.

Even if you have an Alipay international account, you will still need 1688 agents to complete the transaction.

AliExpress is a superior choice to 1688 when it comes to dropshipping products. Customers can get their orders quickly and easily, and there are no additional costs for shipping.

You will be responsible for paying a total of $1,688 for the items, which includes the cost of currency fees, shipping, and domestic costs.

Your expenses will go up as a result of all of this. Small businesses that are interested in dropshipping should look into AliExpress as their platform of choice.

Dropshipping: How does the 1688.com shopping cart function?

It is essential to have a good understanding of how dropshipping operates on 1688. Because of this, you will be able to understand the process, which will make it easier for you to regulate your business in accordance with the requirements. But,

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The following is an explanation of how dropshipping works, beginning at 1688.


The first thing that needs to be done is to locate the products that will be bought. 1688 provides a comprehensive selection of goods that can be purchased for use in any domain.

You are going to need the assistance of a representative who is able to direct you and assist you in locating these products.

Purchase Representational Examples

After you have identified potential suppliers for the products, it is time to send out sample products. In the same manner as with traditional dropshipping, you will need to request samples from the supplier through the agent.

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You are responsible for preparing the samples in accordance with your specifications. Prepare your checklist in order to guarantee that you will receive what was promised.

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Inspection with a Focus on Quality

The product that you have ordered will now go through quality control after this. This is a very important stage. Your dropshipping business can’t function properly without thorough product examination first and foremost.

If the product is delivered to the customer without first being tested to ensure it satisfies the standards, it may do damage to your reputation. It is essential to keep an eye on the product’s quality at all times. You also have the option to ask.


The next step is for you to engage in some price haggling. There are more reasonably priced items available on AliExpress than there are listed at the 1688 price point.
Your agent will attempt to get the best deal possible for the products that you need. In addition, the agent will provide assistance in consolidating multiple orders into a single transaction so that they can all be sent out in the same shipment.


A large number of Chinese companies ship their products using traditional Chinese methods. The cost of shipping is in addition to the cost of purchasing 1688. You will need to figure out how much the whole shipment is going to cost you.

In the event that you would like to include your preferred mode of shipment, the agent will be able to negotiate this with the supplier on your behalf.

You also have the option of selecting faster shipping, which will get your items to their final destination more quickly than standard shipping would.


After the shipment has been dispatched, the clearance for international transport must be acquired. You will need to make storage arrangements until the customs clearance process is complete.

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Because of this, having cargo storage at your address is extremely important. It is possible to outsource storage solutions by initially outsourcing both staffing and storage. This enables you to utilise the capital of the business for other aspects of the business.
Packing Once the goods have been delivered to your warehouse, you will have the opportunity to repackage and label them in accordance with your specifications.

Because of this, you will be able to simplify the process of product promotion for your clientele. These are able to be labelled and delivered either within the United States or abroad.

These are just some of the steps that need to be completed before 1688 for dropshipping to become an option. You need to have the appropriate perspective in order to simplify any process. To help you make arrangements and make purchases from China, it is recommended that you work with an agent.

Why Do You Choose to Source from 1688.com?

You should consider 1688 as a source for a number of different reasons.

A substantial number of market participants
The ability to locate a large number of suppliers is 1688’s most advantageous feature. These domestic manufacturers and suppliers are working together to create domestic products.

Because of this, it will be much simpler for you to find every product that belongs to each niche. In addition, 1688 has been operating for the purpose of serving the domestic market in China.

Original products and products of a high quality are more likely to be found. It would be more convenient to source products from a variety of different vendors.

Buying Made Straightforward
Utilizing 1688 as your primary sourcing platform can also help you save money. As we have previously discussed, 1688 offers products at lower prices than both AliExpress and Alibaba.

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The site can be used by members of the domestic market only at this time. It is possible to obtain better deals by going to the website through the assistance of a broker.
This will enable you to purchase multiple products at once, thereby lowering the overall cost of your shopping.

Increased Proportion of Profits
You can increase your profit by lowering the amount that you spend on purchases. It is not recommended to source from 1688 for orders of a significant quantity.

It’s possible that you’ll have to pay more for shipping on a smaller order. These costs would be similar to those associated with standard dropshipping.

What kinds of items can be purchased beginning at 1688 dollars?

Com 1688 offers a broad selection of Chinese products, which are sourced from a variety of online retailers. Some examples include:

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The most profitable application of dropshipping can be found in the apparel industry. Manufacturing is particularly successful in China.

The relatively low cost of labour enables simpler production at more reasonable prices. You may decide to concentrate on clothing as a result of the many products’ more affordable pricing options.

Garments and other Adornments
In addition to clothing, you may also consider investing in textiles or accessories. Nightwear, athletic wear, and undergarments are all examples of this category.

It is in your best interest to investigate the neighbourhood because there are many vendors in the area selling the same item at significantly reduced costs.

You also have the option of choosing other products to dropship. These items consist of socks, bow ties, and posture correctors, in addition to activewear consisting of activewear such as socks, activewear, shoe protectors, and more.

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To reiterate, in order to source these products from reputable vendors, you will require the assistance of an agent.

Purses, footwear, and other accoutrements
One more market to investigate is that of handbags and footwear. On the website, you will come across a vast assortment of accessories, bags, and shoes originating from a variety of different brands.

They not only sell products with their own brand name on them, but also original copies. This is a fact that is quite interesting. You can also find a wide selection of goods that are made in the area.

Dropshipping electronic goods is becoming an increasingly common practise. Because Chinese cellphones are so widely used, an increasing number of people are looking for complementary products, such as accessories and gadgets.

Because of this, making an investment in the electronics market at any point after 1688 will provide you with a greater opportunity for profit. Because electronics are so delicate, quality control inspection is very important. When customers receive products that are flawed, there is a greater chance that they will not purchase from you again.
Charm and Good Health
Dropshipping 1688 is a viable option for businesses operating in other niches, including those selling health and beauty products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must give its blessing for these products before they can be sold.

Many different things can be done to get customers interested in purchasing cosmetics and skincare products. In the event that the products cause skin irritation, the company may decide to terminate the service in its entirety.

First, obtain compliance certificates from the suppliers of skincare products before making any purchases.

Home, Electricity, and Building Materials

Starting at $1688.00, dropshipping is available for home accessories. China is responsible for the production of a variety of household accessories.

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Because of this, it is possible to purchase goods at inflated prices in different parts of the world. If your prices are lower than those of the competition, potential customers will be more likely to choose your brand.

Tools, Machines, and Other Components of Industrial Production
As the world’s largest manufacturer, China has made investments in a variety of industries. One of these areas is the manufacture of machines and other industrial components.
The reliability and effectiveness of China’s manufacturing equipment is well-known across the globe. You might be able to boost your profits by making investments in various pieces of machinery and tools.

Merchandising, Public Relations, and Administration

You won’t have any trouble finding supply goods for your packaging company at prices that are within your budget. Customers have the option to request individualised packaging, which can be produced rapidly and at low cost.

The Challenges Involved in Sourcing Items Beginning With 1688.Com
In spite of the many advantages that 1688 offers, there are still some difficulties that buyers must overcome while they are in operation. The following is a list of some of these problems:


The most challenging aspect is communicating effectively. Both Alibaba and AliExpress have made it possible to translate their websites into a variety of languages.

1688, on the other hand, is only concerned with the markets in its immediate vicinity. As a result, the Chinese language serves as its foundation.

In addition, just like with Alibaba, you will need to find reputable suppliers who are fluent in your language and are able to communicate with you.
Because of this, you will need a capable sourcing agent in order to ensure that communication will go off without a hitch.


The problem with payments is yet another reason why running a business on 1688 might be difficult. As was stated earlier, visitors from outside 1688 do not have permission to enter the site.

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The home market is the primary focus of this endeavour. Even international customers who have an Alipay account in their country are unable to complete the payment process.

The prices of the products are also listed in Chinese currency at various points throughout the description. In order to move forward with the transaction, you will need to convert the total amount, including the costs of shipping, into the currency of your country.

Because of the time commitment that these issues can require, many people would rather work from AliExpress or Alibaba.

Gather Customers’ Order

Another source of frustration is the process of order collection. Even if the agent is working for you to source the products, you still need to make smooth communication with the supplier to get the order. Even if the agent is working for you to source the products.
Locating potential suppliers is not a difficult task. Those who operate as dropshippers on 1688 are required to wait in order for their orders to be collected.

Have a look at the various things.

The practise of dropshipping is not without its difficulties. It is of the utmost significance, particularly in the event that you dropship from China.

Even though buyer protection allows you to return the product within a certain amount of time, if your shipment goes missing, your dropshipping business could be ruined.

Maintaining the schedule and then rescheduling it as necessary is required in order to make room for the trading of goods. It is possible to get a refund, despite the fact that the process can take a very long time.

Items That Have Caused Issues Can Be Returned And Replaced

As was mentioned earlier, one of the most significant challenges associated with dropshipping from China is the presence of defective products. AliExpress has a reputation problem as a result of this situation.

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When ordered from the platform, a significant number of customers have reported receiving defective products. The fact that you are responsible for paying the shipping costs to return the goods is an even bigger inconvenience.
The majority of customers will not even bother to return their purchased items. 1688, on the other hand, makes it simple and completely free for customers to return defective products to the company.

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An intermediary can initiate communication with the provider on your behalf and file a complaint. In the event that the dispute is resolved in your favour, either the supplier will send the goods to you again of the appropriate quality or you will be entitled to a refund.

Combining and Repacking Before being shipped, products from 1688 need to be merged together and repackaged. This results in an increase in both the cost and the expense.

The products can only be shipped by the suppliers themselves. The goods need to be packaged, and you or a third-party warehouse can do it.

Transportation on a Global Scale

Shipping to international addresses is one of our main concerns. Dropshippers have an obligation to be concerned about the timely delivery of their shipments.
This is yet another typical con that goes hand in hand with selling inferior goods. When a supplier requests payment before sending the item, the buyer is frequently taken advantage of and duped. They never deliver the purchased items.

You will also need to calculate the costs of shipping to international destinations. If an order is placed before 1688, the cost of shipping will be displayed in Chinese currency. It is essential that the funds be converted into the currency that is used in the country that you will be visiting. This may present some difficulties.

The Best Dropshipping Agent for 1688

You will be able to source the product from 1688 and purchase stock from 1688 with the assistance of the 1688 sourcing agent service. Because of this, drop shipping will be an easy and expedient process.

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Why you shouldn’t use any other 1688 agent but Bestfulfill

With more than six years of experience in 1688 sourcing, Bestfulfill is able to provide you with the most dependable service possible for 1688 sourcing. There are more than one hundred and fifty countries around the world to which various product lines can be shipped.
Efficient Communication

You will be able to source the product from 1688 and purchase stock from 1688 with the assistance of the 1688 sourcing agent service. Because of this, drop shipping will be an easy and expedient process.

Spending Time in the Market

Because our purchasing staff has more than six years of experience in 1688 purchasing, we are able to provide you with the most dependable and secure service possible. We have worked with more than a thousand different clients. Assurance of Quality

The expert QC staff at QC will perform a thorough inspection of each product from 1688 on an individual basis to guarantee that each item is in pristine condition.

Automated Process or System

Our enterprise resource planning system is able to manage all of your orders and will automatically upload tracking numbers to your store.

Swift Methodology

After the 1688 products have been received at our warehouse, our staff will begin processing your order within the next 24 hours.

Worldwide Delivery of Goods

We are able to ship products to any location in the world, from 1688 to more than 100 countries. You have a selection of many different lines to pick from.

How Do I Dropship Using Shopify If I Have A 1688 Order?

If you want to dropship 1688 through Shopify, you will need to hire a 1688 agent. These are the duties that fall on the agent’s shoulders:

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Your dropshipping business is going to benefit significantly from the sourcing process. The 1688 website offers a wide variety of products.

There is a greater variety of goods available on AliExpress than there are on AliExpress. However, one of the problems that needs to be addressed is finding a reliable supplier.

It is essential that you look for the best 1688 agent you can find to assist you in buying. The agent is going to be well-versed in the industry, and they are going to be aware of which vendors are trustworthy.

In addition to that, these agents go to annual trade shows. They are aware of the various suppliers that can be found on the market as well as the ones that will be able to fulfil the requirements of the company in the most efficient manner.

Therefore, employing a dependable 1688 agent will be of assistance to you in locating the products that you require. Agents are aware of their identities and will be able to assist you in avoiding falling victim to a scam.

Inspection of the Quality
The subsequent step is the quality inspection. Inspection of quality is essential because the success of your company will depend on the quality of both the products that you sell and the services that you offer to your customers.

You also have the option of employing the services of a representative to perform quality assurance checks on your goods.

There are a lot of companies in China that offer quality inspection services. There is a good chance that the information in their inspection report is inaccurate or that it does not contain all of the relevant details.

Employing a 1688 agent is the best way to resolve this problem. You are able to inspect the goods at every stage of production as well as while they are being shipped.

Prior to the shipment, there ought to be a check made on the product’s quality. Once products have been delivered to your address, you will be responsible for any issues that arise with them. It will take several months to get your money back if you send the product back to the company for a refund or reshipment.

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Payment Anyone who wants to run 1688 will have to deal with the issue of payment. Companies that engage in dropshipping should not use 1688 because doing so will drive up the total costs.

A 1688 agent could facilitate communication with your vendors and assist you in processing payments.

Before an order is placed, agents have the ability to negotiate prices. This is a significant advantage to have. You should withhold payment until you have received the products and have had the opportunity to assess their level of quality.

Shipping Frequently, dropshipping companies need their packages to be delivered more quickly. If there is an insufficient amount of communication, this cannot be accomplished. The shipping phase of Shopify is very important to the success of your business.

Because of the delay in the delivery of the products, customers may decide to cancel their orders, which will bring your market profile down. A representative number 1688 will be able to communicate with you and monitor the shipment.